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4 Methods of Making Permanent and Temporary Magnets

How to Make Magnets at Home


Magnets are the substances with magnetic properties. These may be virtual, temporary or even permanent which means that may show their magnetic properties virtually, temporarily or even act as permanent ones. The magnetic properties means the behaviors that the magnetic stuff shows towards them, which means it either gets attracted or gets repelled and in case you need to know how all these types of magnets are build, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose.

How to Make Magnets at Home

Methods of Making Permanent and Temporary Magnets

1. Making the Virtual Magnets:-

The virtual magnets are the ones that borrow magnetic properties from the permanent magnets. Take some permanent magnet and attach it to some iron nail, the iron nail will now have the magnetic properties and when this iron nail will be touched to the other iron nails, the magnetic properties in the iron nail because of the permanent magnet will attract the other iron nails as well.

2. Making the Permanent Magnet:-

The iron ore magnetite is known as a permanent magnet. This ore is shaped in the laboratories to be used as a permanent magnet. If any substance is subjected to strong magnetic forces for a large period of time, it starts behaving as a permanent magnet and thus in order to make a permanent magnet, you just need a source of strong magnetic force and a substance that will be subjected to it resulting in the formation of a magnet with permanent magnetic properties.

3. Making an Electromagnet (Temporary Magnet):-

The magnets that are made following the principle of electromagnetic induction are referred to as the temporary magnets. Take an iron nail; wrap the copper wire on it and pass the electric charge through this iron nail, the nail will attract the iron filings that you keep near it. Increasing the amount of charge will increase the magnetic field and more iron filings will get attracted. In case the copper windings are increased, this will also bring about an increase in the magnetic properties of this magnet, but soon  when the electric power is switched off, the magnet will stop being functional.

4. Making a Fake magnet:-

If you are simply making a home based experiment that makes the things get stuck, you may also choose to go for making a fake magnet as well. Simply take the parts of the residue left after sharpening the pencil and rub a scale over your head. The charge will get developed on this scale out of rubbing and it will get super powers to attract the pencil residue to it. Same can be done with balloons or the paper pieces as well.


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