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Methods and Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Rain water Harvesting Methods


You can take rainwater harvesting as the method by which you can store and harvest rainwater so as to use it for the future purposes in a preplanned way. Rainwater harvesting has proven to be an effective method for storage of rain water and to harvest it in a better way. Countless efforts have been bought in practice from time immemorial, so as to prevent this water from getting wasted and it proves to be effective in the present to conserve the needs of it in future as well. You can choose to harvest rain water for any kind purpose, but you need to follow some tips to make a better store of it and you can achieve that applying the ways that I am mentioning here.

Methods and Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Methods and Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

1. Bamboo Drip Usage:-

In the desert like areas, A new method of irrigation using rainwater harvesting has been developed making usage of the bamboo drips for the collection of rain water in small pits and containers that can be later on used to irrigate the soil and has proven to enhance the harvest of rain water becoming a path showing approach for the others as well.

2. Step Wells:-

Many step wells have also been constructed since time immemorial, so as to store water from rains. These wells are designed in a square or rectangle form with steps leading to the downside that can be used to store rainwater and make it used for the future purposes.

3. Rain Saucer:-

You can understand rain saucer as a saucer or an upside down umbrella like creation, that can be used to store rain water in it decreasing the potential of contamination as it collects water directly from the sky.

4. Ponds:-

Another approach that has been bought under practice since time immemorial is to construct ponds for the collection of water that can be later on treated and bought in use for the irrigation as well as other purposes that affect life. These ponds are dug more deeper so as to make enough water be able to get stored in them.

5. Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting:-

As the name suggests, this type of rain water harvesting is practiced in order to harvest the rain water that falls on the top of your house’s roof. You may build up a cement based tank on your house that covers enough area so as to get rain water collected in it and you may use that in rains to store enough water in it for the future purposes.

6. Construction of Small Dams And Rain Saucers:-

Multiple rain saucers and small dams are constructed at multiple places so as to collect the rain water and make use of it for the further future purposes. Generally small-small dams are built up across the streams so as to enhance the water get collected and stored which can be later on treated and bought in use for the future purposes in a preplanned manner. You can also manage to store rain water and harvest it on individual efforts by putting some clean utensils when it rains and store it for future purposes.


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