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Why Messages Are Not Delivered On Whatsapp

Why Messages Are Not Delivered On Whatsapp


Whatsapp is a cross platform that enables people to chat with their relatives and friends making use of data based plans on a whatsapp enabled system. This application enabled you to share contacts, location, pictures, songs as well as videos to your friends and thus proves to be a better approach in the field of chatting enabled applications. It has been observed that sometimes that the messages we send to the other side get undelivered and the person on other side is not able to receive such messages. The reasons for this can be explained as follows:-

Why Messages Are Not Delivered On Whatsapp

Why Messages Are Not Delivered On Whatsapp

1. It Happens When You Try Switching the Device:-

When you are trying to switch the device, the messages may get undelivered. Suppose you had purchased a new phone and it took you some time to install whatsapp with the number that you were using with the old Smartphone, the messages won’t be delivered in this case.

2. The Messages If Unchecked for Much Time gets automatically deleted:-

In case you had not checked whatsapp for much time say one month, the messages won’t be delivered in this case as well. There is a dedicated time limit for whatsapp to keep messages and deliver them. In case you don’t check the messages in time, they get deleted from whatsapp database and won’t be delivered as well.

3. It May Also Happen When You Try To Open Multiple Accounts within the Same Device:-

In case you have tried to open multiple accounts within the same device, this might also make the messages undelivered. Suppose you were using whatsapp with your mobile device and some friend asked you to open his account in your phone and you clear the data of your whatsapp application in order to switch the application to his number, in this case the messages might not be delivered as well.

4. The Two Ticks Theory:-

When you send a message to someone, it does not gets delivered to the other side till there is a single tick seen with the message and has not been received by the user till two ticks appear. The user has not still read your message till both the ticks get blue in color and thus in case the network on the other device was not proper, the messages might not have been sent and you can check it by asking your friend if there is a tick seen within his application or not.

5. Weak Data Enabled Device:-

In case there is a weak data plan with the system and though connected but the upload and download speed of system is really weak, the messages might not be delivered in such a case as well. Try switching to Wi-Fi mode or some high speed network provider in order to overcome such situations.


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