How to Mention Ongoing Studies in Resume

How to Mention Ongoing Studies in Resume


A resume is basically a document bought in use by people to present their background and skills. These can be bought in use for a variety of reasons and mostly these are asked by the firm where you apply for a job. When you wish to secure a new employment, you have to work up with your resume mentioning your personal details, qualification details and other such details of work experience as well as achievements in it. One such achievement is the detail of your ongoing studies. Most of us never mention the details of our ongoing studies believing it to be a discouraging point, but if mentioned, it can add an attraction for the recruiters to show interest in us. In order to mention the details of your ongoing studies in your resume, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Mention Ongoing Studies in Resume

How to Mention Ongoing Studies in Resume

1. Finish the Rest of Resume:-

A resume begins with a heading “Curriculum Vitae”. You have to begin building your resume mentioning your academic score, your personal details, your computer proficiency, your experience etc. in it and thus I will advise you to finish the rest of your resume first and then we will think about adding the ongoing studies to it.

2. An Unfinished Degree Can Also Be Mentioned:-

Once you complete the rest of your resume, just add one more bullet in the academic career column and add the details of your unfinished degree in it with a “*” mark. You can mention that the degree is still incomplete and that you are currently pursuing this degree program with expected marks from your side.

3. Give Details about the University Concerned and Year of Completion:-

The best way to mention a record of ongoing studies is to mention them along with the details of university concerned along with the year of pursing that particular degree. For example, if you are currently pursuing a degree in M.Sc which is half complete, you can mention that you opted for Msc in 2016 and your performance till yet in this field secure you 65% or any other percentage as an aggregate. The degree is supposed to get completed in 2017 and after that time you will be a master in science.

4. You Can Mention a Small Note Along With As Well:-

You can add a small note with this mention of ongoing studies depicting that the studies have not completed yet and you are expected to complete them soon. Mentioning the record of failures or degrees never supposed to get completed is never advised.

5. Never Generate Useless Questions:-

Some people mention useless qualifications in order to make their resume look more attractive. Your resume never looks attractive with the mention of such useless qualities or achievements and rather it generates more questions. You can attach a cover letter with your resume instead for this purpose as you will be able to better explain such circumstances and factors in it.

6. Keep it clear and Never Mislead:-

Keep your resume clear and never try to mislead the recruiters with your resume. Keep it to the point and never forget to mention your academic score till yet even if the degree is not completed yet. This will make the recruiters have an analysis how far your academic score is supposed to go with the degree that you are currently pursuing and they can take it as a base to recruit you or reject you.


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