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How To Mentally Abuse Your Partner

How To Mentally Abuse Your Partner


Nothing can be as drastic and as mortifying as a mentally abusing relationship. When you seek to damage your partner’s confidence and his/her self esteem, the best way to do this is to mentally abuse your partner. Physical abuse can be seen reported, but mental abuse can’t be seen and noted physically. Mental abuse is simply the worst form of abuse as it never hurts from outside but rather hurts from inside. If you have to take revenge from your partner, the best way to do this it to molest him/her in a mental manner rather than to do it in a physical manner. In order to abuse your partner mentally, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How To Mentally Abuse Your Partner

How To Mentally Abuse Your Partner

1. Verbal Threatening:-

The best way to mentally abuse your partner is verbal threatening.  Disregard his/her opinion and keep mortifying him/her in front of others. Put him down and use abusive words to address him/her. Make fun of him/her in front of other people and use sarcasm to disregard all what he/she speaks.

2. Criticize and Intimidate Your Partner:-

Keep criticizing your partner and keep intimidating while making your partner fearful. The topic chosen for this can be any topic from your regular normal life. Try to gain a control over your partner and chastise your partner for his/her behavior. Your approach should be taken in such a way that it resembled like you are slapping your partner with your words while not even letting him/her to cry.

3. Make Him/her feel Ashamed and Low:-

Belittle and trivialize your partner. Make him/her feel ashamed and low. Make your partner feel like he/she is always mistaken and it is you who makes them better. Disapprove every work or deed that they do and keep on making satire or irony on every act from their side.

4. Manipulate and Mortify Your Partner:-

Manipulate and mortify your partner in simply every act of life. Keep pointing their flaws in everything. Even if your partner brings a glass of water, throw the water in front of him or her saying it was really bad in taste. Learn to accuse blame on your partner and make false excuses to make your partner feel embarrassed.

5. Control Your Partner’s Mind:-

In order to mentally abuse your partner, you will need to take complete control of their mind. Laugh at their appearance and make excuses for their behavior. Call your partner with worse names and disapprove even the food that they make for you. I am not asking you to stop eating the food that they make but you should never appreciate it and instead you should name it to be prepared in a bad way or to possess bad taste.

6. Make Your Partner Experience a Personality Disorder:-

Make your partner experience a personality disorder and never show any empathy or compassion for your partner. Let them cry alone and never pay any attention towards him or her. Treat your partner like a perfect victim or your words and treat your partner more as a slave rather than a company or a partner.


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