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How to Mend a Shower Hose

How to Mend a Hose


A hose is a flexible pipe or tube designed to carry fluids in it from one place to another. Generally a hose is bought in use as a pipe in fire brigade vehicle for throwing water with full speed on a place caught with fire. It can also be bought in use for gardening and washing purposes. The difference between a hose and a pipe is just that a pipe is hard and a hose is soft. Both can be bought in use to carry water, but a pipe is different in thickness and hardness. Now, as hose is typically less hard and thin in nature, it is much prone to cuts and breakages. In order to mend a tempered hose in such a case, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Mend a Shower Hose

How to Mend a Shower Hose

1. Treating Hole in a Hose:-

Most of the hoses are made up of material like Nylon, PVC, Polyethylene, synthetic rubber etc. This material is easy prone to cuts, damage and holes. When there is a hole in your hose, you can treat it in the same way as we treat a bicycle puncture. We locate the hole first of all and then we fill it with a similar gluing material so as to close the hole and then we apply a tape over it to make it perfectly closed.

2. Cut the Hose If There Is a Major Cut:-

Sometimes you are looking a hose to find a small hole, but it turns out to be a major cut because of excessive flow and pressure of water which rips it up.  If you find such a major cut in your hose, give it a scissor or blade cut from that area. We have to cut the hose from two places. One at starting point of this major cut and other at its ending point. Now we will be left with two small length hose trimmed from a big length hose and we can join them back together to form a single hose by using split rings positioning the both hose portions close to each other tightening them to form one screwing the split rings.

3. Use Quick Fix Glue To Layer The Hole For Better Fix:-

When you repair a hole or treat a cut or join two trimmed ends of a hose, you can use a quick fix glue to layer the hole first. The hole will easily get filled with this glue and it won’ trouble you anymore. Besides this, split rings can cause leakage sometimes and thus it is better if you screw them only after applying this glue on the hose.

4. Attach a New Sprinkler or Nozzle if damaged:-

Sometimes we find that hose is in a fine position, but rather the sprinkler or nozzle of the hose has got damaged. In such cases, the sprinkler or nozzle should be changed and replaced with a new one. This should be done only after switching off the water. Do not turn on the water on full pressure at once even if you have positioned a new sprinkler as it might result in a leakage.

5. Make Sure the Water is drained out when you shut Off the Hose:-

We can repair a hose in several ways, but we can save it from meeting damage only by one single measure and it is to not allow the water from staying inside it at any cost. Water inside a hose should be drained out when we shut off the hose as else it can make the hose really weak with time.


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