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How to Mend a Leaking Radiator

How to Mend a Leaking Radiator


Radiator is that part of car which emits the heat. It is basically an engine cooling device in a car or any other motor vehicle or aircraft which maintains a suitable temperature within the engine of that particular vehicle. This consists of a bank of thin tubes in which circulating water is cooled by the surrounding air. Now, as this component serves to be one of the most essential components of a particular vehicle, we need to mend it the time it starts leaking, as a loss of water from the radiator will mean increased heat related with engine. In order to repair a leaking radiator, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Mend a Leaking Radiator

How to Mend a Leaking Radiator

1. Locate the Leak:-

We begin by locating the leak. Once we find it, we can easily mend it. The repair can be made permanent or temporary on the basis of available leakage preventing product. If you have kept an M-seal or epoxy or radiator other such radiator sealing product, the repair making process will be easy to get accomplished. You can locate the leak by either finding the direction of steam or by washing the radiator with water and then trying to start the engine.

2. Let the Engine Get Cooled first:-

Now once you have found out the place of leakage, you can easily repair it but to begin the repair process you will first need to wait for the engine to get cooled down. Take off the radiator cap once the engine gets cooled down and then bring out your repair material from the box of your tool kit.

3. Use a Cold Weld Epoxy:-

One such way to mend a radiator is the usage of epoxy. A welding epoxy can be bought in use to apply it over the leak and then let it get dried. The epoxy can take as long as two long hours to get dried. You can even use M-seal to fix the leakage if you can see the leakage hole with your eyes.

4. Use a Perfect Radiator Sealing Product:-

Radiator leak repair products are available with the garages and repair centers. You can purchase such products from these dedicated shops. Just purchase your repair product and then use it to repair the leakage. You can even get the leak welded by an expert if you wish to give it a permanent repair.

5. Duct Tape for Temporary Sealing:-

People often use the other such purposes such as duct tape in order to temporarily repair the radiator as well. This approach can be bought in use if the leakage is within one of the two hoses only. Just wrap the duct tape around the hose and give it a temporary fix. We can call a repair shop meanwhile to get the car taken to repair shop as the duct tape will begin detaching once it comes in contact with the coolant and this it is just a temporary fix for your radiator.


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