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How To Meet Your Protein Needs Without Meat

How To Meet Your Protein Needs Without Meat


People these days are getting more conscious to prevent animal killing for meat and people these days are realizing the importance of life. Though earlier, people used to think that protein equals to meat. Most of them used to depend on the protein substitutes like chicken breasts, beef etc. but later on people realized that they can get their dose of protein even without killing innocent animals from poultry and dairy products which are not obtained by killing animals. This includes milk, yoghurt, egg, cheese, mayonnaise etc. In order to meet your protein needs without meat, you can add the following substitutes to your diet:-

How To Meet Your Protein Needs Without Meat

How To Meet Your Protein Needs Without Meat

1. Add Greek Yoghurt to Your Diet:-

Greek Yoghurt is yoghurt with whey strained out. This yoghurt is an awesome source of protein with around 20 grams of protein in just a single cup. Most of the weight lifters and gym persons choose to add yoghurt and Greek yoghurt to their diet as a workout repair and muscle booster food because of the same reason.

2. Take Lentils and Kidney Beans:-

Lentils and Kidney Beans can also be taken as a better protein substitute when you wish to substitute it with meat. One cup of boiled kidney beans is rich in approximately 15-20 grams of proteins and thus you can take it in the form of kidney beans and lentils. If kidney beans are not available, you can take your dosage of proteins in the form of bean curd or tofu.

3. Chia Seeds and Mayonnaise:-

Mayonnaise is nothing but a result of oil and egg and as we know that egg is one of the best sources of proteins; even mayonnaise can act as a perfect substitute of proteins for us. Chia seeds on the other hand act as a protein super food as only just four tablespoons of chia seeds can make you get 15-20 grams of proteins from it.

4. Eggs and Avocadoes for Hair Protein:-

Eggs in every form act as an awesome substitute of proteins. You can boil them or you can turn them to omelette. An egg is all about protein and calcium and besides this, most of the eggs that we get from poultry farms are unfertilized which means none of the chicks or hen has been killed to obtain them. Avocados on the other hand act as an awesome strengthening substitute if you are seeking for a protein substitute to apply it on your hair. Just mix avocado juice with it and apply it on your hair.

5.  Get It from Milk and Cheese:-

Milk can act as the best source of proteins if you take it daily. Milk is rather also rich in Calcium which strengthens the bones and aids joint pain. Same is the case with cheese. It is also rich in the content of protein and you can start eating it even if you have recently met a fracture of bones as it will enhance the power of your joints and strengthen them against the fracture.


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