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How to Meet the Need for Affection

How to Meet the Need for Affection


Affection is a form of love that you show for someone. Sometimes though we are in love with our partner, but we are still not able to show it in the form of affection. We think that love itself is enough for a relation and we never need to demonstrate it in order to convey our feelings to our partner. Now here comes the time to meet the need for affection. If you do not be affectionate with your partner, he or she is supposed to find it in someone else in the form of an affair and thus ruining about your love relationship. In order to meet the need for affection, you need to follow these simple tips:-

How to Meet the Need for Affection

How to Meet the Need for Affection

1. Affection is something that not learned:-

If you are a girl or women, people will teach you from the very beginning of your life the exact way to be affectionate with others, but instead if you are a male, all you will be taught about is the way to become hard and tough.  Affection is something which is learnt and inherited in case of women, but it is never learnt in case of males. We have to learn it from our partner.

2. Just Be With Your Partner in the Same Way they expect:-

If you are a male, just start behaving with your partner the way she behaves with you. Ask her about her concept of an ideal partner and behave the way she tells you. Keep asking if she needs anything and remember to show what you have in your heart for her. It is enough to show affection.

3.  Hugs and Kisses as A Way of Affection:-

Hugs and kisses can act as the best way of showing affection, either you are a male or you are a female. You can use hugs and kisses as a way of demonstrating your love for your partner. The day should begin with an affectionate hug and end with passionate kisses. Your partner will really appreciate this way of showing affection.

4. Small Things Do Matter A Lot:-

Some of us are of a view that small things never matter at all but these small things matter a lot when you are in a particular relation. For example, teasing your partner, getting on a candle light dinner with him or her, going for a ball dance party together, a party or a picnic or a birthday celebration etc. all these act as a small way of showing your affection to your partner and thus you can add them to your love life.

5. Call Your Partner and Flirt With Him/her:-

You can make a call on your partner’s mobile when he/she is not busy to start flirting with him/her. Engage in pillow fights, have a bath together, tease each other and make the most of your life. Living life this way never needs one to demonstrate affection as all such traits are themselves a big demonstration of affection.

6. Never fake your Affection:-

It feels sometimes that our partner is just faking his/her emotions for us. For example, if you give a surprise birthday party to your husband one day and if the next day you even forget to give him a glass of water, he will think that you are just faking to be affectionate with him and thus this should also be avoided.


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