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How to Meet Someone after a Long Time

How to Meet Someone after a Long Time


Suppose you are moving to a new place today and in the mid of your journey, you come across the girl who used to be the most beautiful girl of your class or you meet any friend who was lost many days back during school or college time. The first thing that strikes your mind in such a situation is that how should I react? You are simply considering the changes in each other which sometimes looks vulgar or cheap and thus there is always a need to do only the right things. In such a case, you can follow these simple tips.

How to Meet Someone after a Long Time

How to Meet Someone after a Long Time

1. A Bit of Humor:-

When you meet all of a sudden with a forgotten old friend, the best way to start talking is to introduce yourself even if the friend does not remember you while adding a bit of humor to your talks. This will make the friend remember your name soon and even if the friend does not remember you; still he or she will treat you finely.

2. A Touch of Old Good Memories:-

A touch of good memories always makes a favorable impression. If you have met some old friend, there must be some old good memories too. Well, you just have to find some good old memories out for talking now and even your friend will join the talks seriously. A touch of old golden memories always brings a smile on everyone’s face.

3. A Positive Change:-

In case the person used to be your enemy in the past, but you wish to patch up with him or her now or it is that the case is of a girl who used to be your crush during school or college days, you can begin with a positive change shown in your personality to make this meeting a memorable one.

4. Let’s Have Coffee Together while talking:-

Not just talking while standing or sitting together for a while would work, but instead you should never forget to ask your friend for a tea or coffee. You can ask your friend to join you to the nearest coffee shop or tea stall in order to enjoy sipping tea or coffee together while talking.

5. Don’t Forget To Shake Hands:-

Never forget to shake hands with your old friend when you meet him or her. Also, never forget to wish him a good bye while getting departed. You can also ask for a phone number or an E-mail or Facebook contact from your friend in order to stay in touch with him or her even after getting departed. You can also plan another reunion to join with some more new friends and rejoice some good time along with them.

6. Never fake about anything:-

Here I would talk about a problem that I have seen with most of the people. They try to pretend what they are actually not in front of their old friends. Never try to be someone else than what you are not in front of your friends. Always be real and genuine as it always creates a positive kind of impact on them.


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