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How to Meet Girls in High School

How to Meet Girls in High School


High school is the name given to secondary school. In order to meet girls in such a time, you can follow a variety of tricks.  The best way to meet girls in this time is to start taking part in school activities. Fetch a position for yourself in the school basketball team or cricket team and girls will go crazy about you. Are the school head or captain and you will get a chance to meet new girl’s everyday coming forward with their names for particular events, sports and extracurricular activities. There can be many other such ways of meeting new girls in high school and some of these can be explained as follows:-

How to Meet Girls in High School

How to Meet Girls in High School

1. If Your School Is Not A Co-Ed One:-

Our school was not a co-ed one, but there was a girl’s school nearby and most of us waited for the last bell of that school to go in order to meet new girls. If your school is also not a co-ed one, you can reach a girl’s school located nearby and you will find many girls departing for their homes from whom you can choose someone for yourself to talk.

2. If you’re School Is a Co-Ed One:-

You are always at an advantage if your school is a co-ed one as there will be girls and girls all around. Now all what you need here is an excuse or a reason to borrow something from a girl in order to talk with her and you can soon develop a healthy friendship with her.

3. Find a Reason of Talking:-

Let you be in any place but we all can start with a reason of talking and once when you find a reason of talking, you can approach the girl and have a talk with her. This part serves to be the hardest part as most of us literally start shivering when we are standing in front of a girl.  In such a time, just try to get over your nerves and don’t let yourself sweat. Just feel confident enough and talk to the girl.

4. Begin a Conversation:-

Now when you reach a girl for talking, you should have something to talk with her about. You can begin the conversation with simply any topic. For example if the girl is from same class, just ask her about the class lectures, temperament of teachers or about the subjectual courses going on in the class. Take your friendship forward by shaking hands with that girl and obviously you can take your friendship forward like this.

5. Work In With the Social Networking Websites:-

Here comes the time when you can ask the girl for her number to start chatting with her on Whatsapp. If she does not have a phone, she must be there on any social networking platform like Facebook etc. and you can join her on that place to get indulged in chatting and calling to enhance your friendship. If she does not have even that, you can join her when she comes back home walking while moving out of school with her.


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