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How to Meet a Rich Husband to Notice You

How to Meet a Rich Husband


Handling a wife is he toughest job in this universe, but to handle a rich husband is even tougher than that. It gets even tougher to deal with a rich husband when you are from a poor background. Alison in wife of bath’s tale by Chaucer says,” I got married first for wealth of my husbands and it was me who used to suppress them, but when I fell in love with someone, it was he who suppressed me”. The same woman’s character symbolized the face of feminist woman whom even the patriarchy feared because she possessed all the wealth left by her rich husbands. To have a rich husband is always an advantage till you know exactly how to deal with him and how to meet him. In order to meet a rich husband, you can follow these simple tips:-

How to Meet a Rich Husband to Notice You

How to Meet a Rich Husband to Notice You

1. Be Glamorous:-

The best way to handle a rich husband is to be seducing and thus when you date a rich person or when you go for meeting a rich husband, you should look glamorous enough. Use your beauty and a revealing outfit to make his character stumble for you and once you succeed in doing this, no-one can stop him from falling for you.

2. Know How to Take a Henpecked Husband Out of Him:-

When you have made your mind to meet a rich person in order to make him your husband, you should exactly know his weaknesses and power to be bought into use against him. For example if he is a drunkard, you can take an advantage of this drinking habit to gain control over him. If he is a sentimental person, you should know how exactly to use his sentiments to make him do what you desire.

3. Be One of His Desires:-

While meeting a rich person, you should not only just know what should be done to make him do what you desire, but instead you should yourself try to be one of his desires to take over the control of his mind. We advise you here not to be a cliché or clinging kind of women as this might prove to be a disadvantage rather than being an advantage for you.

4. Respect yourself and Make Him Crave for you:-

Respect yourself and never let yourself respect is his prey at any cost. Never be one of the women whom he can purchase with money, but instead try to convey him the idea that you are simply something which he cannot purchase even with his entire wealth. Be a beauty with presence of mind and use each and every of his personality characteristics against him when you both move out for a meeting.

5. Pretend That He Hurted you:-

Again I would like to quote an instance from the same work of literature “wife of bath’s tale” by Chaucer. When wife of bath was mis-treated by her husband and he threw off a book on her face, she reacted like she has lost her ability to hear. Her husband felt guilty like this and he got changed. Same can be done by any women who think that her rich husband is getting out of her grab. Just pretend like he has really hurt you and sob a few of tears in front of him. You can even leave the dinner table if he speaks something not appropriate.

He will soon start moving after you in order to prevent you from going. Besides this, ensure an environment of celebration, wine and dine each time you move out for a visit and he will stay perplexed with your charm, beauty and magnificent environment all around.


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