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5 Best Meditation Techniques to Relief You from Stress

5 Meditation Techniques to Relief You from Stress


Meditation is a process related to an individual’s mind where he or she gets induced in a mode of consciousness in order to achieve inner peace of mind, to realize some benefit or to simply acknowledge himself. Sometimes in life, you are stressed or feeling low because of a particular situation which is hard to cope up. This stressful time proves to be a kind of ordeal for many of us. In order to relieve yourself against this ordeal that you are suffering from, meditation can prove to be a boon for you. Here we are mentioning 5 easy meditation techniques to help you in the same direction.

5 Meditation Techniques to Relief You from Stress

Meditation Techniques to Relief You from Stress

1. Mindfulness Meditation (Where You Sense the Stimuli):-

Focus on a thought or emotion. Spray a deodorant/perfume on the electric bulb in your house and sense the smell that reaches your nose or start listening to the beat of your favorite music. Sit comfortably on a mat and focus on these particular stimuli. There should be no other obstruction between you and it. This will help you a lot if you are stressed.

2. Visualizing Meditation (Where You Visualize the Stimuli):-

There has been always a place that you wished to visit. If there was no place, you must be fond of mountains, fairies, unicorns or fountains or any other such thing.  Try to picture this image in your inner sense. Reach this place while closing your eyes. Feel the environment and try to focus on this area. Explore more of its natural beauty. This is called visualization. When you focus on the visualized stimuli like this, you get relieved against daily stress and your mind gets diverted against what you are experiencing in your real life, giving you a kind of relief as meditation.

3. Simply sit down and Relax (Blocking All the Stimuli):-

Sit down while closing your eyes with your right feet bought above the left one in a yoga position. Now relax and take deep breath. Try to focus on the inner light within you. Think nothing and block simply all kinds of stimulus. You should be thinking about nothing at this time and you should be just focusing on your breaths. This meditating strategy can behave as a tranquilizer against daily stress in several ways.

4. Mantra Chanting Meditation (Inner Speaking):-

In this kind of meditation, you speak or chant nothing and instead you just cram a particular mantra first. You should be able to speak this mantra in your inner self without bringing it out as a voice through your lips. Now, once you cram it, sit in meditation pose with eyes closed and then keep chanting this mantra in your inner self without physically speaking through your mouth while remembering your deity. This one is similar to the prayer that we do while being in a temple, mosque or church.

5. Self Meditation (Focus):-

This kind of meditation can be done anywhere. Just close your eyes and do not think about what happened with you during the day. Instead, try to feel the breeze or fragrance in the atmosphere. Try to hear the sounds of birds coming from around and focus on the small things like chirruping of birds etc. instead of the voices based on the human world. This is also a great relieving kind of meditation against daily stress.


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