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Medical Treatment For Acne Scars

Medical Treatment For Acne Scars


Scar reducers:-

Scar reducers are available in the markets in the form of ointments or creams or lotions or gels or salves or potions or poultices etc and typically contain one or more of the combinations of hydroxy acids or silicone gels, most often they contain silicone and sometimes the hydroxy acids.
Medical Treatment For Acne Scars, Acne Treatment

Medical Treatment For Acne Scars, Acne Treatment

Silicon sheets must be applied getting stuck to the skin. The help of a plaster or medical tapes can be taken in order to hold the sheets down if we find it difficult to make them stay in a place.

Hydroxy acids can be applied:-

hydroxy acids are the naturally occuring fruit acids that prove to be beneficial in removing the dead skin cells. They can cause irritation in the skin and come out in different – different strengths. A dermatologist can be consulted before trying out these type of acids for the best choice whether these acids suit your skin type or not .generally these acids are found in the form of moisturizers that can be rubbed on the skin affected with scars.

Silicone or silicone gel:-

either in gels or in sheets, silicon can make your scars get lighten and flatten when applied to the scar affected area silicone gel and silicone sheets are available in the markets and can be applied directly to the affected area.

Laser treatment for scars:-

in laser treatment for scars, laser light is focused on the scar affected area to reduce the redness and flatten the raised scars . The treatment is an effective one.


this method is typically used to give skin a smoother surface and includes the usage of a motorized wire brush. The surgeon uses the brush to safely wear down the scar tissue. The procedure is typically quick. And the scar tissue gets worn down within a lap of time.

Surgical scar revision:-

scar surgery involves the rejoining of healthy skin with the scar site in order to merge the both and get a healthy skin removing the scar by itself . The doctor generally makes the scar thinned , disguised and shortened or even hidden in places like wrinkles and hairlines.


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