How Do Mechanical Disk Brakes Work

how do mechanical disk brakes work


Disk brakes are actually metal backed pads that are held in place by magnets. These look like the form of a disk and thus are called disk brakes. Often in any bike, you would find the front brakes to be the disk brakes while the back ones to be the drum brakes. This proves to be an excellent combination.  Often there is a piston that does the job of pushing the pads against the metal rotor and these can be either mechanical ones or the hydraulic ones. The difference in mechanical and hydraulic ones is simply that the hydraulic ones are filled with a fluid line which provides the whole functioning while in mechanical ones there is no such fluid line.

how do mechanical disk brakes work

How Do Mechanical Disk Brakes Work

1. The Brakes Positioned With a Vehicle:-

In a vehicle positioned with disk mechanical brakes, there would be two metals backed pads that would be held in perfect place by the means of a magnet. There would be a kind of clip that will help to keep the pads in place and there would be a piston that would push the pads against a metal rotor.

2. The Connection Strategy:-

This apparatus is brought in connection with the bike with help of dedicated cables that make a perfect blend of friction as well as power.  The genuine quality cables should be used for a better interaction with vehicle and better life of vehicle’s engine.

3. The Oil Tank:-

Just like a fuel tank is placed with every vehicle to have petrol or diesel or any other fuel be provided for its functioning, there is also a dedicated disk brake oil tank that supplies the disk brake oil to the brake line. Now this disk brake oil would be ejected in a slow and steady way when you apply the brakes and you would also need to fill it again in the tank when it gets empty so as to keep the brakes functional.

4. The Immediate Breaking Response:-

Just as you press the brake between your fingers, the bike or vehicle gets immediately stopped as the cable that is attached to the disk brake system mechanically prevents the vehicle from moving ahead and makes the disk braking system the most fastest and effective system to stop any kind of vehicle positioned with it.

5. Proper Servicing For A Better Vehicle Life:-

You should never forget to get the vehicle serviced as this increases the life of a vehicle. The disk brake plates are likely to get tempered after the continuous usage of a certain span and then these plates also need to be checked and replaced. The disk brake oil also needs to be checked and changed as well


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