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How to Measure Yourself for a Nursing Bra

how do you measure yourself for a nursing bra


A nursing bra is a specialized brasserie that provides additional support to women who are lactating and makes breastfeeding a comfortable process for them. As such a woman has to feed her baby many a times during the day; such kinds of brasseries can make breastfeeding really comfortable for them as well as their baby. They never need to remove their bra while breastfeeding if they are wearing such a bra.  Actually, these bras have specially designed bra-cups that include flaps which can be opened with one hand to expose the nipple and baby can easily nurse with it.  The flap can be closed with the help of a clasp or hook and thus even the mother stays comfortable. In order to measure yourself for a nursing bra, the following tips can be bought into use:-

how do you measure yourself for a nursing bra

How to Measure Yourself for a Nursing Bra

1. Choose a bra of desirable material:-

A bra of cotton and Lycra perhaps will suit you the best if you are nursing a baby. Finding a correct fit nursing bra can be very much difficult sometimes as most of the women experience an increase in their breast size during this stage. You should choose only a comfortable bra which makes you able to nurse the baby even without removing it fully.

2. Changes That You Come Across During Pregnancy:-

A woman undergoes a majority of changes during pregnancy. Let me make you understand this with the help of an example. If you were wearing a “C” cup bra prior to your pregnancy, it must have increased one to two cup now and your bra size will probably be “F” cup or any size close to it. It can even grow more depending on the change that you have undergone during this time.

3. Have a Measurement:-

Measurement for a nursing bra is very much similar during this stage as we take a measurement before pregnancy. The difference is just that we find an increase in size of our breast cup when we go for a measurement after pregnancy. Once the baby is born and he is about 3-4 days old, the breasts will get filled with milk and thus a significant increase of breasts will be reported.

4. Differentiating A Normal Bra And Nursing Bra:-

Our approach with a nursing bra is to make the mother comfortable enough to be able to feed the baby. The band of a bra is to ride on women’s torso parallel to the floor. The breast tissue will be enclosed in the cups. The measurement of each and every part of your breast is advisable in such stage and you should never consider your old bra to take measurement for the new bra.

5. Growth of Torso:-

A woman’s torso grows usually during pregnancy and as I told you earlier that a woman’s bra size increases one to two size. A soft cotton bra suits the perfect in such time and it is advised that you should purchase at least two cup larger size bra in order to support your breasts or else you can ask someone to take perfect measurements for yourself.


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