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How to Measure Your Foot Size UK

How to Measure Foot Width UK


The size chart for shoes in UK differs very much from the shoe size chart in India. In order to make conversion from one shoe size to the other, we generally use a shoe size conversion chart opening it on any search engine like Google, but to make comparison with that chart, we should have the specifications for height, width etc. noted in advance. If you are planning to purchase a pair of shoes based on UK size specifications, you will thus need to note down the size specifications of your feet in order to compare them later with the chart specified values. Here are some steps following which you can measure foot width in the UK easily.

How to Measure Foot Width UK

How to Measure Your Foot Size UK

1. Bring A Piece of Paper:-

Bring a piece of paper to mark the measurement of your feet on it. This can be a plain a4 sized sheet taken two at a time for each foot or you can take measurement for both your feet at a single time making a mark on newspaper. All you have to do in this approach is to mark the footmark of your feet with the help of a pen or marker on the paper so that we may be able to use it for further comparison of measurements.

2. Stand on It and Mark Your Foot with a Pen:-

In order to mark the footmark of your feet on paper; stand first of all on it in a comfortable manner. Now bend a little bit in such a way that the force of your feet does not tears the paper and use the marker to move its nib close to your feet in such a way that a shape of your feet gets drawn on the paper.

3. Take the Paper and a Scale or Ruler:-

Now come off the paper and take it in your hands. The diagram of your feet drawn on the paper can then be bought in use to note down the length, width and other such specifications. For example, if you note down the length of your feet, you will have to put the ruler in such a way that one of its ends is starting from the tip of your longest finger and the other end is coming down the lower circular part of the mark of your feet.  Similarly, while measuring the width, we consider the size of breadth of your feet using the same scale.

4. Note down the Specifications:-

The specifications are noted down on the piece of paper so as to compare them with a foot width chart afterwards. You can even take the cutting of your foot size in order to place it inside the shoe for checking it before purchasing it.

5. Compare it with a Foot Width Chart:-

In order to compare these values with the desired specific values followed in UK for making the shoe size, you can download a shoe size chart from Shoemark Size Guide which is the online page of shoe mark’s guide. It should be also noted that the size specifications for men, women and children are always different.


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