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How to Measure the Mass of Helium

How to Measure Helium


Helium is a gas element that comes one number two if we find its position in the periodic table of elements. Helium is generated in reactor materials by making nuclear reactions to produce alpha particles and then when Helium accumulates to grain boundaries and voids, the metal gets swelled. In order to measure Helium, we need a spectrometer system of measurement of mass. This system provides highly accurate and sensitive measurements of such materials. In order to know the exact process related to measurement of Helium, you can read the further points that I am going to describe here:-

How to Measure the Mass of Helium

How to Measure the Mass of Helium

1. Mass of air inside a balloon:-

Suppose, if you have to measure the mass of Helium contained in a balloon, you will have to calculate the volume of the air that it displaces or it’s mass as deflated and as inflated. Forces like gravity and buoyancy are acting on a balloon filled with any gas and thus your readings in such cases might not be very much accurate.

2. Dependent on the Gravity As Well:-

When anything contains a gas, there are a few factors affecting the mass of that object. For example, if I inflate a balloon with Helium gas and then I leave it from my hands, there will be two forces namely the gravity and buoyancy acting on it and thus they will affect its mass. If we are on moon, the mass of an object might not be as same as it used to be on earth. Earth has gravity while moon lacks it.

3. Use of Gas Mass Spectrometer:-

In order to measure mass of Helium gas in very low concentrations, the best approach available amongst all the approaches is a high-sensitivity isotope-dilution has mass spectrometer system. This system can measure the mass of very small materials and thus it can be bought into use for even very small amounts or Helium gas.

4. Measurement of Helium:-

In order to deliver a constant volume of Helium for the measurement of airway closing volume, we bring in use a five way valve and PVC plastic irrigation pipe. You can find similar devices available for measuring the mass of several gases. We can measure LPG using a weighing scale when it is filled in a cylinder and thus the same approach can be bought in use to measure Helium if it is stored in a container in large amounts.

5. Negligible mass:-

If you ask me to find the weight of Helium gas filled in a small balloon and that too without any gas mass spectrometer, I would have no option left with me, but to take its mass as negligible. Basically a balloon filled with Helium gas has no weight in particular as the mass of Helium contained in it is really low and thus we can’t use the subtraction approach in order to find the mass of Helium in case of a balloon by first finding the mass of empty balloon and then finding the mass for inflated balloon. In all such cases, a gas mass spectrometer suits to be the best choice.


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