How to Measure Quality of Work Life

How to Measure Quality of Work Life


The job related experience that an individual has can be taken as his quality of work life. The quality of working life is affected by a range of factors, including your working environment, your level of experience and the level of your post, the psychological growth, the salary status, the stress and other working conditions associated along with the fulfillment of your basic needs. Quality of working life also means to ensure the satisfaction based on job requirements, the working environment, the behavior of other staff towards you and other such benefits that you get from your job. In order to measure the quality of your work-life, you can consider the following traits:-

How to Measure Quality of Work Life

How to Measure Quality of Work Life

1. Satisfaction about the Working Conditions:-

The job is never considered a job that you worth till the working conditions are not perfect. This includes the satisfaction with working conditions. If the employer is making you bounded with certain conditions that are supposed to make you suffer in certain ways or are supposed to make you compromise with your family needs, the quality of work life is considered low.

2. Satisfaction about the Staff:-

Next comes the satisfaction with staff. If the staff of the company where you are working is cooperating and helping enough, the working conditions are considered quality working conditions. Such a job is considered a quality job and the quality of work life is also considered good in such a case.

3. Satisfaction with the Salary and Work Load:-

The quality of your work life is automatically good when you are not made to compromise on your salary. There are some firms where you do not get salary even after working for a span of many months. In such a case, the quality of work life is considered low. The work load that you are expected to complete within time should be limited to your strength. If you are provided with work more than your capabilities or strength, this also proves to be a drawback of your work life.

4. The Health/Pension Services:-

A better company always provides you with health/pension and retirement schemes. These schemes prove to stay with you even when you leave work for a particular firm and thus if you are getting such services at your workplace, you are working in a favorable environment and the quality of your work life is also favorable.

5. Increment and Job Security Options:-

The increment that you get also helps a lot in describing the quality of your work life. If your job is secure, it means that your work life has got the desired quality in it. The way your boss deals with you is also another factor on which the quality of your work life depends and if your boss’s nature is an encouraging and supporting one rather than a discouraging one, your work-life has ensured the quality with it.

6. Exposure to Harmful Surroundings:-

If you are exposed to harmful atmosphere while working like exposure to asbestos or exposure to ill-lit surroundings with flames, but no light or a welding house with no eye protection etc. Your working conditions are never ensured with quality in such cases. A work place should ensure the health and hygiene of its workers in order to provide them a suitable working atmosphere to be recognized as a quality ensured workplace.


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