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How To Measure MM On A CM Ruler

How To Measure MM On A CM Ruler


Talking about a centimeter ruler, it is composed of a centimeter scale printed on one wide while a scale in inches in printed on the other side. While measuring something in millimeters, we make use the centimeter printed side rather than the inches printed side. A millimeter is actually a unit of length in the metric system which is equal to one thousand part of the meter and thus proves to be the SI or standard unit of length. Talking about an inch, there are 25.4 mm in a single inch and thus an inch equals to 254mm in length. In order to measure mm with the cm side on a ruler, you can follow the simple tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Measure Millimeters on a Centimeter Ruler

How to Measure Millimeters on a Centimeter Ruler

1. Know Your Scale Better:-

When we are dealing with a scale having a print of centimeters, we can observe that each of its centimeters has a number against it. i.e. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. which means if we draw a line from 0 to 10, the measure will be ten centimeters. 1 centimeter equals to ten millimeters and thus if any length is known in terms of complete value of centimeters, we can easily find its value in millimeters by multiplying it with 10.

2. 10 Millimeters In Each Centimeter:-

Each centimeter on a scale is divided into two halves which are of 0.5 mm each. Each of these two halves is further sub-divided into five small halves with 0.1mm distance each and thus each of these centimeters is divided into ten equal parts. An individual line on centimeter scale represents 1/10th part of a centimeter, which is equal to 0.1mm.

3. Taking the Measurement:-

In order to take measurement of any object with the centimeter scale in millimeters, we first place the scale against it and we note down the measure of its length or breadth and other such values in centimeters. Suppose if length for an object comes out to be 23 centimeters, it means it is having 230 millimeters as we will have 10 partitions within each centimeter and thus 23 centimeters will have 23*10 = 230 millimeters this way.

4. Dealing With The Values Which Are Not A Multiple of 10:-

Suppose of an object is having slightly more length than 23 centimeter, say its length is 22.2 centimeters, it will have 222 millimeters in it. In order to note down the measure of such an object, we just note down its length in centimeters multiplying it with ten. i.e. if an object’s length is 22.8 centimeters, its length in millimeters will be 22.8*10 = 228*10/10 = 228 millimeters. On the other hand if I am asked to measure an object in terms of centimeters from millimeters, we will divide the length in millimeters from 10. i.e. an object carrying length of 223 millimeters will have a length of 23/10 = 22.3 centimeters.


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