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How to Measure Column Inches

How To Measure Column In Inches


When we are just about to ask a newspaper for advertising, we have to keep in mind the column size for the advertisement as the advertising office of the concerned newspaper will tell us its prices and rates of advertisements dependent on the column size only. By describing the length of your advertisement in column inches, the owner of that newspaper never acclaims that he or she will provide you with only a certain area of his paper, but instead the area may differ on the basis of number of columns that his newspaper contains. Approximately all the advertisement based portions of newspapers are divided into portions of columns divided with advertisements in column inches. Here are some steps which can make you understand this concept in brief:-

How to Measure Column Inches

How to Measure Column Inches

1. Observe the pattern of grid:-

In order to measure columns and column size, we consider the length of page and pattern of grids present on it. If you look at a typical piece of advertisement based newspaper, you can see that it is divided into grid of columns with margins in between. The advertisements are fitted between the same spaces only.

2. Deciding a column page:-

Suppose there are five columns in a page, we will call it a four column page. Similarly a page carrying 4 columns parallel to each other with space in between is called a four column page. A page can carry any amount of columns in it depending on the size of advertisement placed on it, but more space also needs more cost being taken as a cost of publishing advertisement in that area.

3. The Concept of Column Inches:-

Talking about the concept of column inches, most of the newspapers sell advertising space on a page to advertising firms in the form of column inches. A column inch can be taken as the measure of column length in inches. If you ask me to define a column inch, I will explain it as a unit of space one column wide by one inch high.

4. Measuring the Column Inches on Any Page:-

The number of column inches in a page is equal to the number of inches in a column multiplied by the number of columns present total in the page. Suppose if you are carrying an advertisement page with eight columns in it and each of these columns has got a length of twelve inches, the exact measurement of this page in column inches will be 12 inches *8 columns = 96 column inches where * stands as a sign of multiplication.

5. Adjudging The Space That An Advertisement Will Carry:-

If an advertiser has promised you a size of forty column inches, it does not means that the size will be carried forward to all the columns and instead the advertiser can provide you a space of forty column inches anywhere on the page depending on your budget and their space availability. If you ask me to make you understand this in an example, 40 column inches can be taken as 2*20” or 4*10”  and similarly, if the size of 60 column inches is allotted, it can be taken as 3*20” or 4*15” or 5*12” or 6*10”.


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