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How to Measure Carpeting Base Weight

How to Measure Carpeting base Weight


A carpet is a kind of floor laying material which can be bought in use to lay it on the floor for the purpose of moving bare footed in the home or for decoration purposes. There are several factors that affect the quality of your carpet and some such factors include the weight of carpet, the fiber bought in use for making it, the color and quality of latex bought into use. When we purchase a carpet, it is advised that we consider the face weight, which is often mis-confused by the name “base weight”. For this purpose, we have to measure the base weight. In order to measure carpeting base weight, you can bring following steps in operation:-

How to Measure Carpeting Base Weight

How to Measure Carpeting Base Weight

1. Finding the Carpet Face Weight:-

A carpet’s face weight is never its total weight, but instead In order to find the carpet’s face weight, you just have to consider the amount of fiber on the surface of carpet expressed in ounces per square yard. Total weight means the weight of latex, backings etc. added with the face weight and thus in order to find the face weight of your carpet, you will need to subtract backing weight and latex weight from total weight.

2. Making Distinction between Face Weight and Total Weight:-

Making a distinction between face weight and total weight is really easy. Face weight is just the measure of number of ounces of fiber per square yard of carpet and higher the face weight, the more will be yarn and the better will be quality of carpet. If fiber of carpet is longer, it will have higher face weight.

3. Consider the Density of Carpet:-

When we talk about considering the density of our carpet, we measure how tightly the yarn has been stitched into carpet’s primary backing. A carpet with higher density is always better than a carpet with lower density. The closer the fibers are attached, the longer will the carpet last and thus it ensures more quality.

4. Measuring the Over-All Quality:-

Talking about the over-all quality of carpet, its overall weight never can be seen as a quality factor, but instead the quality of yarn, the base weight, the density and closeness of fibers is what makes us ensure the over-all quality of our carpet. A carpet with twist level of 4.0 is a better option of purchase. A density of around 3-4 thousand is advised and a face weight of 35-40 ounces is advisable.

5. Never Even Compromise with the Durability:-

One should never compromise with the durability of a carpet. Some carpets look quite hard when we purchase them as we purchase them because of their overall weight, but if we instead purchase them on the basis of their overall quality and overall durability, the carpet will be a smart choice to be made. Besides this, you should never befool you with the local street carpet sellers who befool you by throwing countless tricks in order to make sales at cheap prices. Never judge a carpet by its cost, but be a smart carpet buyer by judging its quality with the face weight as well as density and other such factors mentioned in the above points.


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