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How to Measure Blood Pressure with Electronic Device

How to Measure Blood Pressure


If you ask me how blood pressure is measured, My simplest answer will be that it is measured through the usage of a “sphygmomanometer” which is a device used to measure blood pressure after wrapping it around your hand and then pumping with the help of pump attached to it. Now this gives a reading in the measuring apparatus attached to the device and taking the measurements of those readings the blood pressure can be determined. To make you more familiar with this approach, Let us have a look at the various aspects involved in this process.

How to Measure Blood Pressure

How to Measure Blood Pressure

What Causes A Rise In Blood Pressure?

There are many factors that directly or indirectly, may result in a rise or fall of blood pressure and some of these include smoking, stress, prolonged disease, cold temperature, exercise, addiction to caffeine and even an extra dosage of some medicines as well. The blood pressure is measured first of all, in case you are experiencing some severe illness so as to have an idea of the state of your body by the most of medical institutions.

While A Blood Pressure Check is being made:-

You need to find a quiet place for measuring the blood pressure. This can be done at home in a very simple way. Simply listen to your heart beat while relaxing in a chair or this can be done using a sphygmomanometer as well. There are basically three kinds of sphygmomanometers used to measure blood pressure, namely the mercury sphygmomanometer, the aneroid sphygmomanometer, and the digital sphygmomanometer.

The Approach of Reading the Blood Pressure:-

There is a cloth made wrapping apparatus attached to the measuring unit which you are to wrap around your hand in a proper way. Now, after this gets clad around your hand, there will be a pump attached to the sphygmomanometer that you are to press between your fingers so as to create a pressure. While doing this the subject’s arm should be at the level of his or her heart and even the cuff should be of proper size. The cuff should be inflated to 180mmHg and then the air should be released from the cuff at a moderate rate (3mm/sec). This you are to listen with the help of a stethoscope and observe the sphygmomanometer.

The first sound that appears is the count of systolic pressure and it follows the diastolic pressure. The pressure in both arms is recorded and then the difference is calculated amongst both. The readings are noted and then two or more three readings are taken. The normal values for a patient’s blood pressure are then compared with the calculated one and the estimate is made if the blood pressure is normal or abnormal according to which medications and precautions are taken.

Some Things To Remember:-

An abnormal blood pressure should be immediately brought down to normal by adopting some changes with lifestyle as well as diet as it is not good for the heart to pump quite high or low and it is better the use of digital sphygmomanometer is made if you are doing it at home in a way that the digital sphygmomanometer gives you the readings flashed on its screen and you need not make any extra efforts while recording them.


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