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How Mathematics Is Related To Other Subjects

How Mathematics Is Related To Other Subjects


Mathematics is the study of numbers. It is the study of topics like quantity, structure, space, probability, arithmetic, calculus, structure, space and change. Describing this word in shot, one would simply say that mathematics is a subject of calculations. We use algorithms, theories and theorems to find out a solution to a particular puzzle or calculation applying formulas of mathematics and if I talk about my personal point of view, no subject can be left spared from mathematics and every subject is directly or indirectly related with it. This relation of mathematics with the other subjects can be explained as follows:-

How Mathematics Is Related To Other Subjects

How Mathematics Is Related To Other Subjects

1. Relation of Mathematics with Non-Medical Field:-

The Non-Medical field consists of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Informatics Practices etc. Now talking about Physics, Much of its concept is based on mathematical derivations which include you to use formula and algorithms to solve a particular problem.

Chemistry includes you to make calculations based on the amount of chemical taken, amount of chemical mixed and the composition of chemical/product formed from it which is it mathematical. The subject of Informatics Practices includes you to use a computer which is itself a hub of mathematical calculations and software like Microsoft Excel etc can’t be bought into use without using mathematical formulas in them. The field of Non-Medical thus includes no subject which can be spared from Mathematics.

2. Relation of Mathematics with Medical Field:-

The medical field includes all subjects of Non-medical with an additional subject called Biology. This subject also includes you to measure heart rate, blood flow rate, weight of various organs of the body, the normal/abnormal Hg temperatures etc which is again Mathematical. The combined stream which includes the subjects of medical as well as non medical thus also gets related to Mathematics this way.

3. Relation of Mathematics with Arts Field:-

Talking about arts field, it includes subjects like polity, economics, geography etc. Well, geography includes the study of the coordinates which is mathematical. History includes remembering the dates and making calculations of back dates. Economics is a study related to money or income and thus it is again nothing but mathematics.

4. Relation of Mathematics with Business Field:-

Field of business can never be kept spared from Mathematics as a good businessman is always good in making calculations. It makes him able to adjudge the company’s condition in advance.

The calculation of liabilities, equity etc. which is the job of a chartered accountant is again full of mathematics as a single balance sheet can’t even be prepared without applying the formulas of mathematics.

5. Relation of Mathematics with Study of Languages:-

The last subject that I have still not spoken about is the study of languages. Well, if we know how to speak, but we do not know how to convey our ideas, we are still considered unable to express. Suppose if you know a language, but you do not know how to calculate numbers, you won’t be able to use that language in real life and thus when a child is admitted in nursery or KG class, his teacher teaches him counting not just from Mathematics book but from Language book also.


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