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Health Benefits of Massaging Feet Before Sleeping


When we massage any place, we actually apply a suitable amount of pressure on its particular area while applying oils and therapies on that particular portion of skin. When the same approach is performed with an individual’s foot, we refer to it as a foot massage. Foot massage is linked with a number of health benefits like improving cracked heel, providing relief against leg pain, improvement of quality of sleep and many other such benefits for human health. When you are massaging your feet, you are not just moisturizing it, but also making a pressure treatment to it as well. Here are some of the other benefits that foot massage can provide for you if you perform it with your feet before going to bed:-

Health Benefits of Massaging Feet Before Sleeping

Benefits of Massaging Feet Before Sleeping

1. Pampers Your Feet against the Wear And Tear Caused during Day:-

When we are busy in our day works like sweeping, mopping, situating the furniture etc. it makes us hundred percent prone to damage or wear and tear with our feet. When we apply oils on feet, it does not just moisturizes the skin, but also heals the cracks and pampers your feet against the wear and tear that daily activities had caused to your feet.

2. Gives You Pleasure:-

It has rather been reported in a study that when you sleep after getting a foot massage, the level of your sleep is more pleasurable than the others not doing so. Besides this, It promotes better sleep and if you are tired after a long journey, it will also relieve you against the tiredness and other such symptoms that your journey is likely to accompany with it.

3. Promotes your feet skin health:-

Even your feet skin experiences a healthy growth and experiences less dead cells when you massage it with oils. Besides this, you can have a foot massage before going to bed in order to relieve your feet against the bad odor problem as well.

4. Relieves Your Feet against Aches and Pains:-

One of the major health benefits that a foot massage is likely to bring for you is that it will relieve your feet against all the aches and pains that you experience because of your daily schedule. Pressure massage techniques have rather been in use since centuries as a treatment against such pains.

5. Improves the Circulation Level of Blood:-

According to famous marathon runner and aayurvedic health professional Mr. Gaurav Bagdi, when you have a foot massage before going to bed, it improves the circulation of your blood and thus you experience a boost in your body. You stay more active than others and thus it bears fruit for you.

6. Helps You Cope Up With Depression and Makes You Relax Better:-

Besides this, massaging your feet can also help you to cope up with the problem of depression. A patient of depression can even try to kill himself sometimes and thus it is one of the worst problems that a person can experience. If someone in your contact is suffering from this health disorder, just treat him with medicines besides giving him/her a foot massage daily and you will see that he will feel relaxed and will soon get treated against depression.


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