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How to Massage Hair to Get Rid of Dandruff

How to Massage Your Hair to Get Relief


In winters, sometimes it feels like we should pinch our hair. This is due to the development of scalp problems, flakes and dandruff. Sometimes our head also starts paining like anything and sometimes there is continuous itching reported with our hair. All these problems have a single solution and it is hair massage. If you are on a regular working or job schedule, you can still manage to massage your hair in order to get relieved against this problem. The perfect way to massage your hair this way goes as follows:-

How to Massage Hair to Get Rid of Dandruff

How to Massage Hair to Get Rid of Dandruff

1. It is better if you ask someone to do that:-

Hair massage can’t be done perfectly if you yourself try to do it. Though you have to perform it yourself if no option is left, but it is still better if you can ask some elder like your mother or some closed one like your wife to do it for you. You can also reach the special massage centers for this purpose.

2. Prepare the Oil for Massage:-

The next step follows you to begin massaging but before beginning this process, you should prepare the oil for massage. If you are trying to use coconut oil for this purpose, it gets solidified in winters and thus you may need to place it under the sun for a while. You can also use mustard oil or almond oil for this purpose.

3. Take Some of It on Your Palm:-

After the oil gets melted, simply take some amount out of the oil bottle to pour it over your palm and use it to massage your head. The oil should also reach your scalp to make it get rid of the dryness caused to it during this stage of flakiness.

4. Massage the Hair from Tips to Roots:-

You have to massage your hair from the tips to the roots. The hair oil should reach even the places where you do not apply it in general. It also needs to reach your scalp. Now use no oil, but your hands to make the applied oil reach the roots of your hair and pours in your scalp.

5. Keep Massaging for a While:-

Keep massaging for at least ten to fifteen minutes. You can keep on massaging for even more time. Keep sitting under the sun for a while and then you can reach the shade also. This procedure can be repeated once every week in order to provide a fortifying effect to your hair.

6. Bath after One Hour or So:-

After one hour or so, you can take a bath. It is better if you take a bath in water treated with neem leaf juice or boiled with neem leaves in it. The water can reach your hair also. Keep in mind not to apply hair oil immediately after bathing as it may increase dandruff problem along with the problem of visible flakes in your hair. You should apply hair oil only once your hairs get dried. You can switch to amla or reetha/ shikhakaayi hair oil in order to achieve added benefits for your hair.


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