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How to Massage a Newborn Baby with Oil

How to Oil Massage A New Born Baby


A newly born baby’s skin is equally delicate as his other body parts and as this is the stage when his body is still in the stage of progress or build-up, you need to provide proper nourishment to the baby’s skin in order to enhance the growth of body muscles as well as bones. The best approach in this direction is the oil massage which includes you to massage good baby oil on the baby’s skin, This keeps the baby’s skin moisturized and also enhances the body growth. The perfect way to massage a baby goes as follows:-

Massage Techniques: How to Massage a Newborn Baby with Oil

How to Massage a Newborn Baby with Oil

1. Take Out the Baby’s Clothes:-

In order to oil massage a baby, you will first of all need to take the clothes out. You should not make haste in removing the clothes of your baby and if it is the case of winters, you should perform this approach in the perfectly heated room. In summers, you can perform this approach while making the baby lie comfortably on the bed.

2. Keep the Baby Wrapped in a Towel:-

In order to safeguard the baby from getting prone to ailments/ atmospheric factors, you should still keep the baby wrapped in a towel. It is ok if the baby is several months in age, but if the baby is smaller than this age, you should at least wrap a towel around the baby in order to keep it safeguarded. The neck and arms of such a baby are very delicate and thus you should hold the baby very lightly and properly.

3. Begin with the Legs:-

Legs of a baby are often less sensitive than the rest of his parts of the body and thus you can begin the approach of application of oil with the baby’s feet and legs. You can use your thumb in order to massage the baby’s lower portion of the body and slowly and steadily thus you can move ahead to the other parts.

4. Be gentle With the Fingers:-

Your touch should be gentle enough, while touching/caressing or applying the oil on baby’s skin. In order to apply the oil, just pour up some baby oil on your palm, take some amount of it on your thumb and use it lightly with the baby’s skin in order to massage it properly.

5. Massaging the Chest:-

As we move ahead to the other parts of the body, we will have to be careful while progressing with each part. While moving to the chest, you have to place one hand flat across the chest while stroking it gently down to the thighs in a slight manner applying the oil in a gentle way. Repeat the motion twice or thrice in order to apply the oil properly.

6. Massaging the Back and Rest of Body:-

Now let us talk about the back of the baby and the rest of its parts. The back of body will be massaged in a similar way like we performed while massaging the chest. Some oil can also be applied on the arms of your baby to make the arm muscles start developing.


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