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How to Marry a Inmate in Prison

How to Marry an Inmate


An inmate is a prisoner or a detainee. He or she is kept deprived of liberty and other joys of the outside world against his or her will. This can be done by the act of imprisonment, confinement or captivity forcing the person as a captive restraint in a jail.  Now such a person is always captivated because of an adjudged crime or fault and thus we can’t think of marrying such a person, but as it is said that love is blind and it sees no boundaries, you are not mistaken if you fall in love with an inmate and if you wish to marry such a person. If you have made your kind to marry an inmate, you should keep in mind the following tips:-

How to Marry a Inmate in Prison

How to Marry a Inmate in Prison

1. Consider the regulations for marrying a prisoner:-

The laws and regulations related with marrying a prisoner may vary from one prisoner institution to other and thus it is better if you confirm, check and make yourself familiar with all such laws in advance. Once you get familiar with these laws, you can easily talk with a lawyer or a person of understanding in order to adjudge what can be done according to the situation.

2. Documentation for Age Proof:-

Most of the countries have an age limit set for marriage. You need to submit documents specifying that you are of a legal age group in order to marry an inmate. You might also be required to bring a witness for the marriage to serve as a guarantor of your marriage. The other party can choose one of his/her inmate fellows to serve as a guarantor.

3. Get special permission of meeting:-

Depending on the prison’s laws and regulations, you may or may not be allowed to meet the inmate till the period of his/her imprisonment ends. You may also be required to take a special permission from the jailing authorities to be able to meet such a person. Some of the jails even require you to get a special license taken from the supreme authorities of the law in order to go for such a marriage.

4. The Permission of Forgiveness Is Limited Only To The President:-

It is OK if you wish to marry a person subjected to be released from the prison after some time, but it is never advised to fall in love with a person subjected for lifetime imprisonment or to be hung till death because of some serious guilt as the right to forgive such a person is limited only with the president of the country and obviously he won’t forgive such a person only because you are in love with him/her.

5. Go for Counseling and Make the Paper Work:-

You seriously need counseling in some of the inmate marriage cases. If you wish to marry someone subjected to be jailed for the act of a robbery or some not so serious crime, you can make paperwork to get that person bailed for a particular period of time till which you can easily get married outside. In order to get the person bailed for this specific period of time, you will need to make some paperwork and you might have to get some security amount deposited as well.


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