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How to Market a Small Business with Limited Capital

How to Market a Small Business


The ones who run big firms and businesses can take the risk of investment in paid marketing like through that of Facebook, Ad words, Costly models endorsing their products, Video promos for their products, advertisements on TV channels and Radio channels as well as other such approaches of large scale marketing, but a small scale businessman who runs a coaching centre or a cyber café or a small scale candling or candle making factory or any other such similar small scale production hub can never take the risk of such a big marketing procedure as it will take more than what he earns out of his pockets. If you are a small scale business owner, you can still make marketing for your products following these cheap and working tips of marketing:-

How to Market a Small Business

How to Market a Small Business

1. If you have a budget of more than 10,000 rupees for marketing:-

You can do a very sophisticated and working marketing for your business within the budget of 10,000 rupees. Getting near about 4000 pamphlets printed with the name of your business will cost you around 1000 rupees and then you can hire a pamphlet distributing person at the rate of as low as 250 rupees per day. You can also ask newspaper vendors to distribute these pamphlets. Now talking about the hoardings, each of the hoardings will cost you near about 70-100 rupees and thus you can invest 1000-2000 in getting hoardings and banners printed as well. Talking about the rest of 7-8 thousand available with you, these can be invested in a newspaper advertisement or a local cable TV channel advertisement.

2. If you have a budget of less than 5000 rupees:-

A budget of less than 5000 rupees reduces the marketing approaches to half. You can rely on visiting cards (300-400 rupees per hundred visiting cards), pamphlets (1000 rupees for 4000 pamphlets), hoardings and banners (70-100 rupees per one unit). You can go for a newspaper advertisement as well, but it will be preferably smaller in size.

3. If you have a budget of less than 2000 rupees:-

In a budget of less than 2000 rupees, you can rely on one or two hoardings or banners and the rest can be invested on visiting cards and pamphlets. The best thing about this budget is that you can save money by distributing the pamphlets and visiting cards yourself. The more you give demonstration to others, the more will they show interest in your business.

4. If your budget is less than 1000 rupees:-

In a budget less than 1000 rupees, you have to rely either on hoardings and banners or on pamphlets or visiting cards. You can choose only a single approach for yourself as you have less money available with yourself. If you have a working internet plan, you can make online marketing adding multiple friends on a social networking platform and then posting pictures and status updates about your new business or you can even convey the message about your new business through a working messenger as well.

5. If Your Budget Is Less Than 500 Rupees Or You Have No Budget At All:-

The richest man was once asked,” What will you do if you are left bankrupt with not even a single penny in your pockets? The rich person just smiled and answered “Network Marketing”. These two words are really powerful. Network marketing includes the business owner to announce perks or prizes to those who get connected with him and make others join as a member in a particular firm. This approach can be adopted even if you have no budget or else you can get 10-20 printouts from your computer’s printer in the form of a self-designed pamphlet to get carbon copies of them and these carbon copies can be pasted under poles and street lights so as to make people aware about your business.


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