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How to Manipulate Your Mother in Law

How to Manipulate Mother-In-Law


To manipulate someone refers to misinterpret them by transforming the message that they wished to convey. This is generally done in order with ill-intentions against someone, but when you have a mother-in-law with guts to create disturbances between you and your partner, you might feel a need to manipulate her words in order to save your relationship or in order to expose her intentions. Manipulation can be emotional or financial.  It basically involves someone to control someone else’s behavior. It can be tangible or intangible depending from case to case and if you wish to manipulate your mother in law, these tips can be bought into use:-

How to Manipulate Your Mother in Law

How to Manipulate Your Mother in Law

1. Not All Mothers in Laws Are Troublesome:-

First of all, I would like to remind you that not all mothers in laws are troublesome and thus you should not try to manipulate your mother in law if she is good enough to you or else even she may try to seek revenge and that won’t be good for you. I would request you to try manipulating your mother in law only if she keeps planning false against you.

2. Use Your Frustration as A Weapon and Not As Your Drawback:-

In order to manipulate your mother in law, you will just have to use your frustration as a weapon against her. You should not let your frustration act as a drawback and rather you should make it your power. Just reply nothing when she speaks and never give a damn to her reactions. Talk just with your partner as you got married with him and not your mother in law.

3. Put Pressure on Your Husband to Intervene:-

Try to put pressure on your husband to intervene. Just tell him that his mother is trying to act smart and he should not pay heed to all those tantrums. It is better if you speak it in a low voice and that too when you are in your bedroom and his mother is not amongst you both to speak.

4. Threatened Divorce and Pressure on Your Husband:-

In some cases, a threatened divorce and pressure can also act. Just tell your husband that you wish to live happily with him, but if his mother keeps on troubling you in the same way, you are going to take divorce as there will be no other option left with you. Your husband will soon try to mend his mother’s habits if he takes your relation with him in a serious manner.

5. Transform Her Words with a Negative Approach:-

The best way to deal with such a mother in law is to transform her words with a negative approach. Just put all what she commits and says before your husband in a chili and salt sprinkled manner and follow all those manipulating traits of your mother in law to backfire them against her.

6. Keep Proofs Ready to expose her:-

Sometimes it is likely that your husband won’t believe you. In such cases, you should keep the proofs ready to put before him. Just record one of the voice clips of your mother in law when she abuses you or mis-manipulates your words and then show it to your husband. She will soon get exposed in front of him.


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