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How to Manage Your Relationships with Studies

How to Manage Your Relationships with Studies


Studies and relationship, both are the most important things for an individual, but sometimes when we try to focus on one; the other one meets a dark side and when we focus on that dark side to lighten it once again, the first one meets dark side. This leaves us hustled and we find ourselves in an unsolvable jeopardy. In order to manage your relationship and studies, both at the same time, you need time management as well as maturity in yourself. Do your studies paying full interest and devotion, but don’t forget your partner also. Here are some tips which will help you in this direction:-

How to Manage Your Relationships with Studies

How to Manage Your Relationships with Studies

1. Spare Yourself from Clashes:-

The best way to manage a relationship while still focusing on studies is to keep yourself spared from clashes. Clashes take place when you are not able to give time to each other and when a particular clash gets prolonged, it gets tough for you to convince your partner without a prolonged chatting or a late night talk over phone. This can run your study schedule and thus you should prevent such clashes.

2. Talk with Your Partner and Set a Comfortable Time:-

Have a talk with your partner and fix a proper time for chatting or calling. You can fix a meeting time for Sundays or holidays and calling time for each day after having lunch or in the evening or any time when you are comfortable. Your girlfriend won’t be calling you in the morning and thus you can wake up early in order to study.

3. Manage to Be Available At That Time:-

Problems get invited when you fix a time for your partner and when you are not available at that time. Never switch off your phone in such time and instead put your phone on automatic SMS reply mode so that whenever your partner calls you, it may send an SMS that you are stuck in something important. Your partner won’t have to wait for you like this and your relationship will also be spared.

4. Study Properly In the Rest of Hours:-

Fix as long as one to two hours a day for your partner and devote the maximum of your time in studies. If you feel that somewhere time for your partner is meeting a shortage, you can spare it from your television schedule or playing schedule but not from your study schedule.

5. Don’t Let One Trouble the other:-

Never let your studies trouble your partner and never let your partner trouble your studies. Work out on a perfect timetable and follow it strictly in your schedule. Let your partner know that you wish to become something in life and to be able to take a stand for her/him and to be something in life, you will need to study harder. If your partner really loves you, he or she will surely agree upon this.

6. Balance the Exam Time with a Shorter Talk:-

In exam time, ask your partner not to disturb you again and again as you will be studying. Don’t speak this in a high pitch tone and instead speak it in a low and polite manner. Speak like you are requesting rather than speaking it like you are giving an order. Don’t forget to have shorter but sure telephonic conversations with your partner even in this time to avoid emotional distractions.


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