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5 Reasons Why Man is Called as a Social Animal

why man is called as a social animal


Man is but obviously an animal and even he comes in the same category where we place the other animals like goats, elephants or tigers or jackals, etc. but still he is called a social animal and there is a solid reason behind the fact that he is called so. If you have a look at yourself, you can realize this difference yourself and comparing yourself with the other animals, you can get a perfect answer to this question. Let me describe how.

why man is called as a social animal

Why Man is Called as a Social Animal

1. Have You Ever Seen Any Other Animal living In a Society:-

First of all, I would like you to ask a question from yourself. Have you ever seen a dog living along with other dogs in a society talking over the issues taking sensible decisions about them. Have you ever seen a cat being concerned about global warming? Or a cow being concerned about the dumped polythene bags she eats? Well, there is a big “No” as the answer to this question and as all this is done only by man, he is called a social animal.

2. Have You Seen an Animal Going on Job or Wearing Dedicated Dresses:-

Animals never go on a job or wear dedicated dresses for various occasions. A dog may be seen seducing a bitch and then mating with her in the local streets without any fear of getting seen by the other dogs. This is why the animals are not called social while in case of man, he takes care of all such aspects and thus he is called social.

3. Obviously Man Is an Animal But Ahead Of the Other Animals:-

Obviously man is an animal, but he is a social animal in a way that even the other animals depend on him in certain ways. You may see a man making a horse, cow or dog as his pet, but a horse, cow or a dog won’t ever be seen making man as a pet in their houses and perhaps because of this reason only he is called a social animal.

4. Having a Mind Capable to Control All the Other Animals:-

Man has got a mind capable of controlling and utilizing all the other animals in productive ways. A dog can’t ever be taught to live in a kennel till man teaches him the same. The way various dogs these days are used as the guarding or bomb quads is a result and example of this sociability of man only. Man has got a mind that can make him use all other animals in a sensible and better way.

5. Man Is Sociable After All:-

Amongst all the animals, only man is sociable to the top priority. A lion despite being called the king of jungle is never called the social king as he won’t ever be found thinking on the issues like the peace in jungle or to stop killing the other animals. A lion won’t ever reach the family of a deer that he recently had hunted and killed in order to help them, but a man always concerns about such issues and thus he has been rightly called a social animal as he always takes the responsibility of others living in the society.


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