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How to Makeover Your Room For Free

How to Makeover Your Room For Free


To makeover a room refers to the way of giving a complete transformation to the appearance of your room. With the passage of time, the room gets very much dirty and besides this, even the spider webs start depositing in the house and furniture as well as paint and decorations meets damage. It can’t be possible always to hire an interior decorator by spending heavy amount of money out of your pockets to do so as interior decorators charge a heavy fee for this purpose and thus if you wish to makeover your room for free giving it a better and transformed feel or look with the available resources, you can bring in use the following tips to do so:-

How to Makeover Your Room For Free

How to Makeover Your Room For Free

1. Give It POP Putty Wherever the Room Has Met Cracks:-

Sometimes the walls of a room meet cracks and crevices after passing a long time of no repair. In such cases, you should first empty the room taking all stuff outside and then you should prepare a thick paste of POP in a vessel. This paste should be filled inside the cracks and crevices present in the wall and you can make the surface flat and smooth afterwards.

2. Paint and Polish the Furniture or Walls:-

Now when the putty filling gets dried, we can paint the portion with a color matching the previous color of paint and then we can begin mending the furniture. Use a hammer to fix the nails that have come outside and fix some more nails if the wooden strips are broken from somewhere and then you can polish the furniture to give it a new like look.

3. Remove the Spider Webs As Well As Dirt Deposited over Fans and Cupboard:-

The next step follows us to remove spider webs from all corners of the room. If you find any traces of termites, clean them as well. If you have an almirah or cupboard, clean its surface to remove the dirt from its top side. The fans would also have dirt deposited on their blades and that should also be removed with a piece of cloth.

4. Keep everything organized while sweeping it:-

Now we can give the room an initial sweep removing all the dirt and filth collected on floor which we have removed from the furniture and other places. The room will get clean like this and we can start placing the objects in an organized manner inside the room now.

5. Arrange and Re-Arrange everything:-

Just arrange and re-arrange everything to avoid creating a mess. Everything should be kept in an organized manner.  You should begin with the large things like television or table and end with the small objects like flower pot or vase. In the end, we will lay a new bed sheet over the bed replacing it with the old one keeping the old one inside washing machine for washing it. The pillow covers can also be changed and a room freshener spray can be sprayed up afterwards.

6. A Final Sweep and Mop:-

If you wish, you can sweep and mop the floor again in order to add an added shine to the room floor. Besides this, you can take a half wet and half dry cotton cloth to wipe off the table/furniture with it only if you had not painted it or else the painted furniture would itself get transformed with a new look by the effect of new paint and polish.


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