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How to Make Zabaglione Without Wine

How to Make Zabaglione without Wine


Zabaione or zabagolione or zabajone is the name given to an Italian desert dish which is made with wine and thus we also refer to it as a beverage. Zabaglione can be made with sugar, egg yolk, sweet wine, spirit like cognac and other such ingredients. It is light custard, whipped and delicious dish that everyone relished to enjoy, but most of us can’t think of making it without adding the wine. Well, if you also think that zabaglione can’t be made without wine, here we have bought a wine-free preparation method of preparing zabaglione for you:-

How to Make Zabaglione without Wine

How to Make Zabaglione Without Wine

1. Ingredients to be used:-

The best of ingredients to be bought in use for recipe of zabagolione includes the ones like egg yolk, custard, whipped cream, sugar, flavored yoghurt/grape juice etc. Take as much as 6 eggs and take the yolk out of them first of all. Sugar will be used as more as 50 grams and we will use 1 tsp lemon juice as well as vanilla extract and 150 gram whipped cream, juice/pulp of strawberries, raspberries etc. instead of wine.

2. Take a pan and make the egg yolk mix:-

Here in this step, we will take each of the eggs one by one breaking the shell with the help of a steel spoon removing the top cover and then we will place the yolk out of each egg in the bowl. Now once we are finished taking the yolk out of these eggs, we can mix it up with the sugar and custard mixture that we had taken in the ingredients.

3. Mix lemon juice, cinnamon and vanilla extract to the mix:-

The mix of egg yolk and sugar that we had in the bowl is now mixed up with lemon juice, cinnamon powder and vanilla extract. We can even add flavored yoghurt or grape juice or the pulp of fruits like strawberries or raspberries in this mixture now.

4. Whisk the custard mixture:-

We take a vessel filling it with water, placing it above the stove and then slow down the stove flame to low. Now Thicken the custard mixture mixed in the egg yolk by placing its vessel above the water vessel switched to low flame in order to whisk it while not allowing the water to get boiled meanwhile. Whisk for about ten minutes or till the time the mixture gets tripled to its volume.

5. Serve the Custard While Keeping It Warm:-

Serve the prepared mixture of custard, adding it with whipped cream, hot or cold the way you like to serve it. Ladle the zabaglione into individual dishes serving it with whipped cream or cookies. We could have added wine and made the mixture more thick to make it serve as a beverage, but here we have kept it thick enough without mixing wine to make it ideal for children.


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