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How to Make Yourself Lucid Dream Tonight

Lucid Dream Tonight


Obviously we all experience dreams at night, but just some of us are able to remember it till the next morning. A lucid dream is the one in which the person is aware of what he actually is seeing while dreaming and often when we are able to be aware of what we are dreaming, it is referred to as lucid dreaming. This happens when you are in a state of sleep that is not too much deep, but is somewhat like a state of meditation or something like that when you are able to remember the phenomenon that you are coming across while dreaming. In case you need to have a lucid dream, you may choose to go for the things that we are mentioning here.

How to Make Yourself Lucid Dream Tonight (4 Steps)

How to Make Yourself Lucid Dream Tonight

1. A General Life Change:-

A general change in life can also make you have a lucid dream. Keep training your mind to remember the things in a better way. Add meditation to your schedule and get some open air every day. Stay stress free and avoid all sorts of burdens on your mind. Relax and take sleep at a specific time.

It is my personal experience that I remember the dreams only which I see between 3-00 am to 6-00 am and thus you may choose to sleep earlier so as to wake up early and this will help you with the dreams as well as it is proven that you always remember the dreams you see in the morning. Rest all depends on the sleep, boosting drinks and home based remedies. You may choose to go for saffron or turmeric based milk so as to have desirable benefits as well.

2. The Herbal Approaches:-

Certain herbs are also proven to make you remember your dreams and these can be best consulted with an herbs specialist so as to enquire him if the usage of a specific herb will bring you the desired benefits or not. The herbal approach is rather free from any sort of side effects and thus can be bought in use even without thinking for once.

3. The Medicated Approaches:-

While I was in my science class, the teacher used to recall the name of a drug that could make you remember the dreams you come across as night. These drugs are available with the medical medicine practitioners and all leading medical stores. Simply consult the name of a specific drug before taking it from your family doctor and then go for consuming it so as to have a lucid dream.

4. Take the Memory Booster Foods:-

Though there is just a single way to have a lucid dream and that is to train your mind, remember things easily and this can be achieved only if you boost your memory power. There are certain food items like almonds, etc. that are proven to boost your mind and thinking and remembering power. All these kinds of stuff should be added to your diet so as to make yourself comfortable while remembering the dreams.


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