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How to Make Yourself Look More Asian

How to Make Yourself Look More Asian


Asia is a continent with countries like India, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Japan etc. located in it. This continent is known for its beauty and its parts like Korea are rather known for the inexplicable beauty of its women and quality beauty products supplied all over the world from this region. With such an inexplicable beauty, one is very much likely to become a fan of Asia and Asian ways of dressing and living. The person who gets impressed with Asian beauty always wishes to adopt some of its traits in himself or herself as well and if you also wish to live like an Asian, you can bring following tips in use:-

How to Make Yourself Look More Asian

How to Make Yourself Look More Asian

1. Alter Your Hair:-

Altering your hair is one of the best approaches available to make yourself look more Asian. Asian people never have blonde hair as most of them have black or brown hair. Though many Asians follow the trend of blonde hair by coloring their hair, but most of these people get born with black or brown hair only. Having a reddish brown shade of color can also make you look a bit Asian.

2. Go Brown Eyed:-

Asian people not just have brown hair, but brown eyes as well. If you are a person of brown or black color eyes, it is simply great but if you have blue or green eyes, you can get contact lenses of black or brown shade in order to make your eyes look more Asian and as someone has said that eyes speak what lips fear to say, one can easily get a glimpse of your changed appearance just with the change of color of your eyes.

3. Does Not Matter If You Are Fair Or Dark:-

It does not matter if you are fair or dark as you can find people of both these tones in the Asian areas. Korean and Chinese people are somewhat extra fair while you can even find people with a dark tone in countries like India. Having a milky white skin is also not a bad idea as this is the time of make-up and people keep on making experiments with their tone.

4. A Specific Asian Attire:-

Your attire is the most important part of your looks. The attire of Asian people is variable from area to area and thus you can adopt any of the attire from a specific part of Asian continent. Once you adopt Asian attire, your looks will also become likewise.

5. Asian Make-Up:-

Asian make-up includes the usage of lip balm, eye shadow, eye liner etc. Asians prefer less usage of lipstick, but most of the Korean women use lip balms. You can even use artificial eye lashes and eye brows in order to customize your appearance according to need.

6. Surgery for a Complete Makeover:-

If you wish to go for a complete Asian makeover, you can go for a plastic surgery. Just fix an appointment with a good surgeon in order to ask him if surgery can be performed. Having a talk with surgeon will make you have an idea about cost and approach of makeover of surgery.


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