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How to Make Yourself Feel Sick Overnight

How to Make Yourself Feel Sick Overnight


When we were small enough, we really hated going to school. We were habitual of making excuses for staying on leave and one such excuse was not going to school because of sickness. Even in today’s world people look for such excuses in order to spare themselves from some duty, favor or being asked to reach somewhere which can even include school. In such a time, a person is likely to look for the approaches which can make him feel sick or which can make him resemble a sick person. In order to make yourself get sick overnight, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Make Yourself Feel Sick Overnight

How to Make Yourself Feel Sick Overnight

1. Eat Spoiled Food:-

The best way to make you fall ill overnight is to overeat junk food or poisoned food. The food which is kept uncovered for much interval of time meets rancidity and when you eat such kind of food, you meet food poisoning. Food poisoning can get very much bad for your health in some cases and thus you should take the risk of eating such food items on your own responsibility and we never support this act from your side.

2. False Vomiting:-

Bring two of your fingers in your mouth and try to touch the farthest part of your tongue with the help of your fingers. You will feel like vomiting soon. Just insert the fingers in your mouth when you are in your room and move towards the wash basin when you feel like vomiting. Vomiting is seen as a symptom of being sick and thus everybody will take you as an ill person when you vomit.

3. Make Your Face Red:-

Apply pressure on your face by keeping your hands pressed against the facial skin in a sitting pose. Your face will turn pale and red after some time. This will add to the sickness version of your face. The rest can be achieved by false expressions and by acting like a sick person.

4. Rise of Temperature:-

Rise of temperature is also often seen as a sign of sickness. Just put an onion, garlic or orange at the place of your underarms when you sleep and there are most chances that it will bring about a rise of temperature in your body making it resemble the condition of fever.

5. Eat Raw Potato:-

Eating raw potatoes can make you experience stomach ache. You can stay awake all the night to make your eyes feel heavy. Both these conditions will resemble symptoms of an acute illness in any person. The rest will be done when you will be falling again and again because of lack of sleep.

6. Pretend like you are sneezing:-

Pretend like you are just about to sneeze. Pretend like you have also met cough and take the grab of your stomach area like you are feeling tremendous pain in it. Show the signs of dizziness and pretend like you are experiencing the entire world around yourself to be revolving. People will take you as sick and physically weak when you follow this approach.


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