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6 Steps to Make Yourself Feel Happy When you’re Sad

How to Make Myself Happy


Someone has rightly said that a sound mind lives in a healthy body and thus an happy individual stays healthy as well as active and takes decisions in a much better way than the others. You must have seen old aged people laughing out of no reason standing in a park in the morning because laughing is a proven exercise to boost your health and In order to keep yourself happy, you need to follow some simple approaches and some of those approaches have been explained by us in this article.

6 Steps to Make Yourself Feel Happy When you're Sad

How to Make Yourself Feel Happy When you’re Sad

1. Get Involved With Kids:-

Who does not like kids? Everybody likes kids provided you are not abnormal as The innocence on their face and their innocent questions can make you laugh within no time. Try out spending some time with kids and play with them, enjoy with them and laugh with them, this can really make you happy.

2. Take Pleasure In Some Good Hobby:-

If the first point did not entertain you, you can choose to go for some hobby like reading some joke book or comic book, watching some comedy movie or T.V serial. About you I know nothing, but whenever I am sad, I just watch comedy nights with Kapil Sharma and my mood gets fresh and this way I get happy again. You can even choose to watch some comedy show so as to bring smile on your face and forget what is making you sad as well.

3. Laughter Shows And Get Together With Friends:-

Besides watching these shows on television, there are enough spare chances to keep yourself happy like going to the specific live laughter shows that are organized at nights in various areas time to time. Reach some place like this with your friend or hubby so as to make yourself get happy within no time. You can even choose to make some get together party with friends if that proves to make you happy.

4. Helping Nature To Get Inner Satisfaction:-

Sometimes it has been seen that the people who help others always remain satisfied from inside that proves to keep them happy. Start helping your mother in the kitchen, your father in his work and help the needy while on roads or at workplaces. This will inculcate the sense of inner satisfaction in you that will prove to keep you always happy.

5. Try Out New Things:-

Trying out new things everyday can even keep you happy to some extent. Go out in the adventure parks and enjoy Columbus and roller coaster rides. Do simply everything that you have never done before. Explore the malls and café’s enjoy meetings with new people, cherish the teams while they play and enjoy the night outs for movies. Do approximately everything that makes you happy.

6. Trips And Travels:-

You can even choose to go for some trips or travels so as to keep yourself happy. The adventure sports that include bungee jumping, river rafting, mountaineering, canoeing, etc. can really make you happy. Measuring the depth of river by diving in it from the top of a rock is itself an adventure that adventure sports that are specialized with various hill stations can make you get experienced with. All these things can really make you happy as it happens in my case.


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