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How to Make your Upper Lip Look Lighter

How To Make Your Upper Lip Lighter


Upper lip is likely to get dark in case of some women. The women with naturally dark complexion complaint about this the most. If you are also suffering the same problem, it is the high time that you work on making your upper lip lighter. When we are talking about lips, we have to put the entire facial beauty at a stake while using a product and thus in such a time, you can use home based approaches to do so as home based approaches are never added with chemicals. In order to make your upper lip lighter, you can bring the following tips in use:

How to Make your Upper Lip Look Lighter

How to Make your Upper Lip Look Lighter

1. Use a Vitamin-A rich fruit juices:-

Apple is one of the fruits rich in Vitamin-A and this is one of the vitamins which serves to be the top priority of all medicine experts making medicines for this purpose. Go for the application of one such juice with content of vitamin-A daily on your lips. This will help you make them lighter naturally.

2. Get rid of the Melanin:-

Studies show that the content of melanin is responsible for dark pigmentation to occur in most of the cases. In order to get rid of this content of melanin, you can use a good skin lightening cream getting it recommended from your skin dermatologist. If you can’t afford to reach a dermatologist, go for a cream with content of either azelaic acid or arbutin or Vitamin-A.

3. Usage of Facial Scrub:-

Facial scrub proves to be the best when you wish to spare your skin against this effect of dark pigmentation. Use any good facial scrub three to four times per week to exfoliate the area of your skin above the upper lip. You can also mix a mixture of orange peel powder, sugar and salt to make your own scrubbing agent.

4. Don’t Use Excessive Hair Removal Approaches:-

Women who go for hair removal approaches multiple times a month are more likely to experience such kind of problems and thus in order to tackle with them you should prevent yourself from using excessive hair removal approaches or skin wax.

5. Usage of Honey and Sun Screen:-

Application of honey in the area of your upper lip can make you have it lighter day by day. Those who stay the most under the sun are also likely to experience dark pigmentation of skin. You should move under the sun only after application of a good sunscreen lotion or cream.

6. Usage of a Lip Balm and Prevention of Bad Habits:-

Korean girls are mystically beautiful because they use lip balms. You can also use such products with your lips to make them feel lighter. If you are habitual of smoking, this can also make your upper lip darker and thus you should completely leave this habit if you wish to abstain yourself from having upper lip darkened.


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