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How To Make Your SUV Have More Power

How To Make Your SUV Have More Power


An SUV is a Sport Utility Vehicle which is meant for a perfect four wheel drive on road and off-road. If you have an SUV car, you can easily increase its power by firstly increasing its cold air intake dealing with the radiator, secondly by servicing the car, thirdly by dealing with the car exhaust system and by applying all what decreases about the load on your car. This requires you to have a better knowledge of motors as well as knowledge of keys and tools bought in use while doing this. In order to make your SUV have more power, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How To Make Your SUV Have More Power

How To Make Your SUV Have More Power

1. Bring about a rise of horsepower:-

The best way of making a SUV have more power is to bring about a rise of horsepower in it. Find more ways to move greater volumes of air in and out of your car’s engine and this will lead about to an increase in horsepower and torque of your SUV.

2.  Improve the intake of cold air:-

Improve about the intake of cold air in your SUV. Cold air is one of the easiest and affordable ways to increase horsepower of your SUV. The air inside a car gets denser as it gets colder. Engine operates by taking the air in and then it mixes it with the fuel and burns it to produce power. If we can increase about the air intake of an SUV’s engine, we can easily bring about a rise of power as well.

3. Install a larger diameter throttle body:-

Installing a larger diameter throttle body in an SUV can also bring about a rise of power. The throttle body regulates the air flow that goes into your engine. Air is required for your engine to run properly. Installing a larger diameter throttle body will allow more air to flow into the engine and this will also improve about the power of your SUV’s engine as well.

4. Dealing with the exhaust system:-

Meeting with the requirements of emission is what we can achieve about with a better exhaust system in an SUV. This makes the air move as efficiently as possible. This achieves about an extra horsepower and also increases about the torque associated with your SUV. Get long tube and Shorty headers to boost your vehicle’s performance.

5. Make changes with the catalytic converters:-

If I talk with you in our language of science, a catalytic converter is something that converts about the bad or poisonous gases into less poisonous ones. When you make changes with catalytic converters or position a high-flow catalytic converter, this will reduce about the emission level and it will make your engine gain more power.

6. Utilize the power programmer and performance chips:-

Next here is the need to utilize the power programmer and performance chips. Utilizing the power programmers and performance chips to adjust about your vehicle’s settings, you can boost about the power of your vehicle and you can also boost about its performance. You can get your SUV to a professional mechanic in order to talk with him about improving the power and performance of your vehicle to next level.


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