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How to Make Your Spells Stronger

How to Make Your Spells Stronger


A spell refers to a magic bond in which a magician makes his magical practice. A magical spell acts as a secret of magician in the way he creates magic. A magician always needs to choose right kind of spell at right time to perform the best of his magical performances. It is a magician’s spell only who makes him a better magician than the others. In order to cast a stronger spell, a magician needs to keep on improving it with every step in life and if you are also a magician who looks forward for the ways to make your spell stronger, you can bring following tips in use:-

How to Make Your Spells Stronger

How to Make Your Spells Stronger

1. Keep Practicing the Pre-Written Spells:-

If you are a magician, you must have some pre-written spells in your magic diary. We will work on making these spells effective first of all. Just speak these spells the way you speak in one of your magic shows, but this time show some more focus and determination on your face. Keep practicing more and more and I am sure your spells will soon become stronger.

2. Create Your Own Spells:-

The best way to make your spells stronger is to make some spells of your own. Other magicians won’t be aware of such spells and thus even they will have to appreciate the strength of your spells this way. Besides this, make friendship with some magicians in your knowledge and have some practice sessions along with them.

3. Take Your Time and create freely:-

Just take your time to create your spells freely. Just do it with an urge and do it rightly. Never wish to make a spell stronger in order to look appealing but instead make a spell stronger without any hurry with your hard work ensuring that the spell is effective enough. Most of the magicians make haste while creating spells and this is why their spells are not effective enough. When you take your time to make a spell, even the spell goes strong enough.

4. Keep It Clear To Make It Go Stronger:-

Keep your spell clear in order to make it go stronger. Most of the magicians that I meet with and make friends with have a certain kind of determination and grim over their face. They can hypnotize you when you look in their eyes and this makes their spells really effective when they perform one of their tricks.

5. Magnificent Lights All Around To Strengthen Your Spell:-

Besides this, you should bring in use multiple laser lights in order to create about a magnificent feel in your stage performances. Use of such magnificent lights on stage can make your spells really effective and strong. Besides this, your facial expressions and your voice do also counts.

6. Learn Black Magic:-

If you live in a country near Africa, you can reach this country to learn black magic as it is one of the most effective forms of magic. Even if you are from India, you can learn if from the state called Bengal. Bengali people are very much aware with black magic and black magic spells are very much strong.


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