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How to Make Your Shoulder Blades Bigger

How to Make Your Shoulder Blades Bigger


When we are talking about the shoulder blades, we are exactly referring to the large, flat and triangular bones which lie against the ribs in upper back and provide attachments for the bones and muscles of the upper arm. If you are a weight lifter or a body builder, having bigger shoulder blades really does count. In order to achieve about a bigger shoulder blade size, you will have to work upon a shoulder training program. Besides this you will have to take every sort of care about your diet as well as everyday exercises. In order to achieve about a bigger shoulder blade size, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Make Your Shoulder Blades Bigger

How to Make Your Shoulder Blades Bigger

1. Follow the Back to Front Approach:-

Back-to-Front approach is followed when we begin building shoulder blades. This makes us build big shoulders and add size and definition to your delts. This also minimizes the level of pain felt during shoulder blade build-up and thus proves to be the best approach of making your shoulder blades bigger. Also remember not to press them too much during this.

2. Add Proteins and Recovery Supplements to Your Diet:-

Protein, Creatin and Glutamin are the three supplements which are generally bought in use by gym people in order to build about their body. Protein proves to be the basic body building supplement which makes you gain muscles. Creatin and Glutamin on the other hand act as a kind of recovery supplement. Talk with your gym trainer about exercises preferred for building shoulder blades and also ask him about the proper use of these supplements as well.

3. Cable Pulley System to Tone the Muscles of Upper Arm: –

A cable pulley system is present within every gym. This system is for those who wish to build their shoulder blades. Use this machine as much as possible to get maximum tension on the deltoids while working. Work through a full range of motion while working on the area of your upper arms.

4. Talk Up With Your Trainer and Focus Your Shoulder Muscles:-

Talk with your trainer about your workout plan. Most of the gym trainers prefer you to follow single day single area target plan where we are supposed to target a single area of the body in each time. Ask him to tell you about perfect area to be targeted and you will be able to build perfect shoulder blades like this.

5. Be regular With the Shoulder Training:-

Be regular with the shoulder training and never skip your exercise. Take proper health supplement to enhance recovery of workout. Go for perfect shoulder training and eat calcium and protein rich food products at least one hour before beginning the strength training.


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