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How to Make Your Ringtone Longer In Blackberry

How to Make Your Ringtone Longer In Blackberry


Blackberry is a phone which is developed by the Blackberry Limited Company under the category of handheld devices. It is one of the best smartphones purchased and bought in use by mostly the business class people. This phone had created about a boom in markets after its arrival and most of the people even today prefer to purchase it. Now, as any set is complete without its ringtone, the case is same with Blackberry as well, but the inbuilt ringtones in this phone might not appeal most of the users who prefer to apply a big and bulky song as a ringtone in their handsets. In order to make your ringtone longer in Blackberry, you can bring the following steps in use:-

How to Make Your Ringtone Longer In Blackberry

How to Make Your Ringtone Longer In Blackberry

1. Bring the Notification Bar Downside:-

Just like any other Smartphone, there is a notification bar in Blackberry as well. Bring this notification bar downside with a sliding touch of your finger and then you will see many options out of which one will be the option to make changed with the settings of your phone.

2. Click Settings:-

We have to click the same settings option in order to make ringtone longer or to choose ringtone on Blackberry. We can even make changes with the other features and specifications of the phone using same “settings” option.

3. Click Notifications Option:-

When you click settings, there will be an option for “notifications” located within the same list. This is the same option where you can make changes with the sound, notificational ringtone etc. We will click this option in order to change ringtone or to make it longer.

4. Click “Phone” Option: –

In “Notifications” option, there will be an option for “Phone” clicking which you can select tone for your phone or handset. After clicking the “Phone” option, you have to click the “tone” option. Clicking this option, you will be able to see a variety of ringtones available from which you can choose any specific ringtone to be applied with your phone.

5. Click Open Option:-

Above the names of these ringtones, there will be an option called “Open” provided at the top of list. Clicking this option you can choose any kind of song that you wish to be applied as a ringtone for your phone choosing it from the music tracks saved in your phone.

6. Click the Name of That Song:-

When you click the “open” option, it will take you to the list of music items saved in your device and you can choose any of the tracks saved in your Blackberry mobile to set it as a ringtone using this option. A tick mark is seen against that song which you choose from this list and when once a tick mark is represented against a specific song that you wish to set as ringtone, you can click OK button. The ringtone will get applied to your handset and you can check its presence being applied by making a missed call on your number from some other handset in your house.


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