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How to Make Your Rabbit Affectionate

How to Make Your Rabbit Affectionate


A rabbit is a small mammal in the family of Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha. They live in holes and there can be many types of rabbits. These small furry animals are best kept as a pet in households. Children really love to see these small animals and they really love to adore them. If you can make your rabbit affectionate, it will be able to adapt to the environment of your house and thus you should provide them the desired love, affection and care that it deserves. In order to make your rabbit affectionate with yourself as well as the other members of your house, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How to Make Your Rabbit Affectionate

How to Make Your Rabbit Affectionate

1. Give It a Treat:-

Cuddle with your rabbit while spending time with it. Give it a treat yourself while taking it in your lap. Most of the rabbits really love carrots. You can search about the diet of a particular breed of your rabbit and you can give it its favorite diet items to make it affectionate with your family members.

2. Never Abuse Your Rabbit:-

Never abuse your rabbit as it can make him aggressive. Try to win the trust of your rabbit in order to make it affectionate with yourself. Shake hand with your rabbit. Tolerate its small mischief’s. Let him recognize yourself better. The rabbit will try to adjudge if you can be trusted or not and you should consider all these signs to gain trust of the rabbit. Once you gain its trust, it will get affectionate with you.

3. Share Your Bed with Your Rabbit:-

The best way to gain a rabbit’s trust and affection is to share your bed with the rabbit. Rabbits love comfort and when you share your bed with them, they really love your company. You should never close a single rabbit in a room as it will feel really alone this way. If you are closing a rabbit in a room, you should get another rabbit as a company so that they may be able to play with each other.

4. Pay Attention:-

Pay attention to your rabbit and spend time daily with it. You can even take your rabbit on the rooftop of your house in the evening to let it get some fresh air provided you take care that there is no kitten or dog nearby. Paying attention to your pets always takes you one step closer to them.

5. Caress Your Rabbit:-

Just take your rabbit in your lap and caress it. If you see some mites on its body, just remove them. Never chain your rabbit and let it move freely in your room. Never pick it up multiple times within a single go when it wants to move away. Just adore it, caress it and let it move freely on the floor.

6. Never Force Your Rabbit for anything:-

In order to make your rabbit affectionate with yourself, you should never force or impose anything on it forcefully. Let the rabbit live the way it wants. Though you can try to potty train your rabbit, but that does not mean that you will start scolding it the moment it urinates in your room. It takes time for animals to learn such habits and thus you should keep patience and give enough time to your rabbit.


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