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5 Ways to Make Your Printer Wireless

How to Make Your Printer Wireless


The best way to make your printer wireless is to either connect it with a cloud or a local area network. You can do this either with the help of internet cloud based drives or through the other options like Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi etc. Just plug into a wireless print server and share your printer with other pc in your home and office using this virtual connection. Even if your computer is not equipped with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can purchase a Wi-Fi adapter or a Bluetooth USB adapter for yourself making connections with the USB hub in order to use your printer in a wireless way. Here are some tips which will help you in the same:-

How to Make Your Printer Wireless

5 Ways to Make Your Printer Wireless

1. Switch to a Wireless Print Server:-

Use the USB port of your printer to plug in a wireless print server. You won’t need to connect the printer to computer like this and instead you can use the printer with any device in your house connecting it with this server. Such servers are plug and play in most of the cases. Wi-Fi is the device which makes this service possible. Wi-Fi can transmit files at a speed better than Bluetooth and thus it is the most preferred way of establishing a wireless print service.

2. Share the Printer with Other Devices:-

Here comes the time to share your printer with the devices in your home or office. You can connect anything ranging from a Smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer etc. within this connection. You can connect the printer to a host computer and then you can share it to a particular network of other devices by reaching the control panel of host computer.

3. Use a Bluetooth Adapter:-

You can even use a Bluetooth adapter to share your printer as almost all the phones and laptops/tablets come equipped with a Bluetooth chip in them. Even if the Bluetooth chip is not there in your computer, you can purchase it for a cost as low as fifty rupees. This approach can be used even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi on your device. The service of wireless printing offered by a Bluetooth will depend on both, its range as well as quality.

4. Build Your Own Private Network to Share the Printer:-

Use any of the available approaches to connect the computer wirelessly, but you should always keep one thing in mind that the greater you have availability of devices, the greater you will need to develop a private network to share the single printer with multiple devices. This saves the money spent on multiple printers and thus proves to be a better way for all.

5. Taking the Cloud Prints:-

Upload the files over cloud. Say Google Drive, One drive etc. and then take the printouts of files, opening the account for that particular cloud on computer with wireless printer shared with it. Taking cloud prints won’t even require you to develop a virtual or private network. I personally recommend you the Wi-Fi based wireless transmission if you own an office as Wi-Fi supports more range than Bluetooth and it makes better and speedy wireless prints as compared to other approaches.


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