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How to Make Your Penis Glans Smooth

How to Make Your Glans Smooth


Glans is a word bought in use to refer to the human penis.  It is a vascular structure located at the top of human penis or you can say it is the tip of human penis which is present with all male mammals.  The structure of a Glans consists of a mucous membrane covered by foreskin or clitoral hood in naturally developed genitalia. Glans joins with the inner labia and frenulum of the penis or clitoris.  Sometimes this tip of penis gets really rough and sensitive which makes the concerned person suffer a lot. In such a case, we can make it smooth once again following the simple tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Make Your Penis Glans Smooth

How to Make Your Penis Glans Smooth

1. Treat and retract the foreskin:-

Slowly try to roll back and retract the foreskin of your Glans part of the penis.  Treat sensitivity if it is reported and also go for the treatment of extra tight foreskin. Both these practices are likely to have a positive impact on Glans part of your penis and soon it will get smooth.

2. Application of aayurvedic oils:-

Aayurvedic oils like Ksheerabala tel and other such oils can be applied to Glans part of the penis to make it get smooth with each day.  Sometimes a massage with these oils can really make your Glans smooth. If no such oil is available, a massage with Vaseline or some other such cream can also make a benefit.

3. Wear a condom to add smoothness:-

Nothing can be as smoother as a condom and thus you can wear it over your penis to make it smooth. Wearing a condom can also reduce sensitiveness of your penis glans and thus it proves to be a better approach.

4. Apply latex or a penis health cream:-

Meet a sexual health expert and ask him to recommend you a good cream for your penis. The specialist will recommend you with the name of one such slip writing its name on a slip and then you can purchase that cream from any medical store. Application of latex can also prove helpful sometimes in a controlled amount.

5. Use lotion on your Glans:-

If you have a skin lotion in your house, a regular application of this lotion can also help you make your penis glans smoother. Besides this, an application of butter on penis skin can also prove to make you a desired benefit as well.

6. Wear suitable underwear:-

The problem with some people is that their underwear is extra tight. People who wear jeans also often complaint about the sensitivity and hardness of their penis as well. In order to save your penis skin against such factors, you should wear a loose fitting lower along with suitable underwear that does not suffocates your penis. Proper ventilation of clothes means proper ventilation of penis and thus it stays comparatively smoother.


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