How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

ways to make your own wedding bouquet with roses


A wedding bouquet is a collection of flowers arranged to serve as a means of home décor. These are gifted on wedding while giving best wishes to the bride and groom. It takes a huge amount of money out of your pockets when you purchase one such bouquet from a flower shop and the prices for these bouquets are so high in wedding season that it is better you make one such bouquet for yourself at home. Making a bouquet of flowers is not a tough job and you can easily make one such bouquet at home with a little bit of skills and materials following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

ways to make your own wedding bouquet with roses

How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet

1. Gather the Raw Materials:-

We can begin by gathering the raw materials. This includes flowers of any kind. They can be plastic made artificial flowers or they can be real flowers. Roses in any form will suit the best for making a wedding bouquet. You can also gather twigs, buds, leaves and other such components out of your garden to decorate your bouquet as well.

2. Developing the Bouquet Cover:-

We will develop the cover for bouquet here in this step. This can be made from thin cardboard trimmed in the shape of a triangle. This triangle can be glazed with a packing paper or a glaze paper so as to allow positioning the rest of ingredients in a proper manner. We have to glaze this cardboard triangle in such a way that one of its angles stays downside and we are able to cover it up with a piece of plastic paper in order to stuff flowers in it.

3. Start Positioning the Twigs and Large Flowers:-

Begin positioning the flowers twigs and large flowers in this triangular vase in such a way that the big flowers are at back while small flowers is in front. Twigs and leaves should be placed by the sides and dried flowers should be placed at the bottom or to cover up the space in between.

4. Arrangement of Flowers:-

The arrangement of flowers will be made in such a way that it looks like a perfect vase. The flowers should resemble a blooming kind of arrangement. It should appear as if most of the flowers are trying to pop out of the bouquet cover.

5. Put More Beautiful Flowers In Front:-

You have to keep more beautiful flowers like roses, lilies etc. in the front while the other ones can be kept by the back side. You can do this also on the basis of availability, placing the ones which are available in excess at the back while the ones which are available in limited amount at the front.

6. Give It A Cover Up and A Finishing Touch:-

Now once you finish arranging and re-arranging your flowers to make them all set in a perfect manner, you can give another plastic covering to your bouquet in such a way that none of the flower is able to eject while carrying the bouquet. Once the bouquet finishes, just fix a name slip on it with best wishes and complements written on it from your side and you can gift it in any of the marriages as a gift from your side to bride and groom.


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