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How to Make Your Own Vinyl Decal Stickers

How to Make Your Own Vinyl Decal Stickers


Vinyl decal stickers are a perfect business these days. With the contemporary world full of vehicles, the need for maintenance also keeps on increasing and the more the scratches on body of these vehicles, the more gets the need of vinyl decal stickers as well. These stickers can be bought into use not for just decorative purposes, but also for covering up the scratches on a particular surface. You can make these stickers yourself connecting the machine with your personal computer or laptop. In order to make your own vinyl decal stickers, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Make Your Own Vinyl Decal Stickers

How to Make Your Own Vinyl Decal Stickers

1. Bring in the sheets:-

First of all you will need to purchase the vinyl decal sticker making sheets of desired color. There is a specialty of these sheets and it is that they have glue at their back portion. Once you plot the pattern of your sticker with plotter on these sheets, it can be cut with a cutter to be applied or positioned in the desired specific area.

2.  Find out a sticker pattern:-

Research about a particular sticker pattern or word art and then design your dream sticker. I have chosen the cartoon from 7up cold drink advertisement to give you a demonstration here. Now I have finalized this cartoon drawing it on computer screen and once I give command to the plotter and cutter machine, it will draw and design the sticker on my vinyl sheets.

3. Use a Transparent Tape to pick up the Sticker:-

Now I will position a single layer or multiple layers of cello/transparent tape on the designed sticker to position it over the desired surface. We can even implant the sticker directly but using a cello tape to position the sticker always proves to keep the sticker intact and prevents it from meeting damage. Now, once you position the tape over your sticker, you can take it off to place it over the desired surface and once you place it on the surface, the other side carrying glue will get glued to the surface and when you remove the layer of cello tape, the sticker will get stuck on the surface as it had already got glued to it.

4. Decal printers to print the stickers:-

The stickers can be printed also with the help of decal printers. These differ from office printers in size. These are engineered to ensure an even distribution of decal ink to print stickers and decal sheets. These also include a blade and thus you never have to purchase a plotter or cutter in separate to make stickers with such printers.

5. Give a Blow with Hair Dryer:-

In order to repair a particular surface with damage mark or scratch over it, just position a strip of decal sheet over it in the same above described manner and then give it a shape with thermocol cutter. Remove the extra area and then give it a blow with hair dryer. The decal strip will get positioned perfectly on the surface like this.


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