How to Make your own Venetian Mask

How to Make your own Venetian Mask


Parties are always awaited. We all wait for our birthday parties as it brings many wishes, blessings and most important thing gifts. Gifts when received in a wrapping sheet give the feeling of special. Birthdays are always welcome, no matter how much is the age, and with this all good wishes are welcomed. This is the day when a person comes to the earth. So it is the perfect day to thank him for sending you in this world.

How to Make your own Venetian Mask

How to Make your own Venetian Mask

To plan for perfect party is the main and essential part of the party planner.

Venetian Masks are specially designed for costume parties, plays and for Halloween costumes. These masks are very expensive to purchase from costume stores, so to make it with our own hands from paper mache will add fun to your activity and it will create a personalized effect.

Here are the ways to make venetian mask at home, which will bring out the hidden talent and will save the money. The ways are-

Creating your Paper Mache Mask

  • Make the Paper Mache paste
  • Tear some newspaper strips
  • Obtain a Venetian mask template
  • Cut holes in the corner of the mask
  • Cover your mask template in Paper Mache strips
  • Cut the eye and string holes
  • Apply two more layers of newspaper strips
  • Let the mask dry

Decorating your Venetian Mask

  • Cover the mask in gesso
  • Paint the mask with acrylic paint
  • Garnish with feathers and sequins
  • Attach string or elastic to your mask

Black and white cap party themes give white and black caps to the men and women so that it may differentiate between men and women from far away. Design the props with the idea of making kids more adventure and more enjoyable.  Plan everything and capture the interest of the guests with perfect Venetian masks. All enjoy themselves as there are many games and activities which keep them busy and they enjoy themselves in the party. Different activities for different age groups bring the spice to the party.

Today’s generation are more stylish and she wants to add the modish look in her vibrating personality. Even youngsters of today are becoming more fashionable and trendy as they are learning with more speed and we are here to guide you and support you in your each and every step so that you can gain the hearts of all and can look beautiful with the dashing and bold style.

Party planners of today are coming with more unique ideas and they help to change the existing look of the party with their unique ideas and innovative thoughts today’s generation enjoys the party to their fullest and loves to spend quality time while enjoying themselves.

Making your own Venetian mask is a great way to pass the time and it will help to bind the love between children and their parents. Through this the parents can take the help of their children which will help them to know the creativity of their children which will help them to know the talent of their children.


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