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How to Make Your Own Vampire Fangs

How to Make Your Own Vampire Fangs At Home


Vampire is a word used to refer to an organism or a human version of bat species. Usually bats move out at night and they can’t see during the day. Same features are possessed by a vampire. Vampire is a special term used to address blood feeding bats. On the other hand, “fang” is a word brought into use to address to a long and pointed tooth, which is found in most of the predatory animals. A fang is basically a canine tooth used for biting flesh or tearing it. Vampires are supposed to have two such sharp teeth with which they suck the blood of their prey. In order to make your own vampire fangs at home, you can follow these simple tips:-

How to Make Your Own Vampire Fangs At Home

How to Make Your Own Vampire Fangs

1. Use Plastic Fangs:-

Plastic fake nails or acrylic nails are available on almost all leading cosmetic stores and women buy these fake nails in order to make their nails look the way they want. The same acrylic nails can act as your fangs when you shape them up with a scissor or blade fixing them on your teeth with the help of dental wax.  Just trim them in such a way that they look sharp enough to resemble a vampire fang and you will get sorted.

2. Keep the Shape Triangular:-

Remember to give your fangs a triangular kind of shape. Fangs with pointed, sharp and triangular shape serve the best to scare someone. Vampire fangs can also be created with other such similar materials as well, but it is better if you use plastic.

3. You Can Use Simply Any Plastic to Make Fangs:-

You can use simply any kind of plastic ranging from a water bottle’s plastic to plastic of acrylic nails. All you need is a perfect filing or shaping tool to give it the perfect triangular and sharp feel. Once you get finished shaping the plastic in desired form, you can wear it as a dental mould to make your teeth resemble a vampire fang.

4. File the Fangs to Sharpen the Edge:-

Once your fangs get made, just use a filing tool to file them up in order to give them a proper finishing. You can even color them and polish them to give a realistic touch. Open up a picture with fang diagram on it with Google and try to shape up your fangs in similar manner.

5. Plastic Straw Made Fangs:-

If you have a thick plastic straw like that we use while sipping an ice cream shake, you can use it to make your fangs. Make sure that it is thick enough to fit your teeth and then give it a triangular cut of proper size and length specification to drape it over your teeth.

6. Tomato Sauce to Give It a Realistic Feel:-

Chew something red in juice to make your tongue resemble red color. Pour some red food color or tomato sauce on your teeth positioned with fangs to give it a blood bath look. Once you finish the fang making approach, just move out with your fangs and try to scare others for a self testing.


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